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Jones Boats Is Back!

Hi, Chuck,

Please spread the word: Jones Boats is back at this site:

Fair Winds!


New Partnership

A partnership is being created between Ultramarine and Henseval Yacht Design. Ultramarine is specialised in building custom boats.
They are involved in composite materials, and their numerous and miscellaneous projects show how it is advisable to build Aviateur 5.70m, Inséparable 398, Territoire 9m, and all custom projects. Boats can be imported, whatever the step of construction.
The yard is located in India, in Pondichéry. Manufacturing costs are well below the European costs, while maintaining French know-how. Do not hesitate to contact them for your custom projects.
Best regards,
Eric Henseval


A message for Perttu Korhonen:  

Thank you for the report back in May on your overnight kayak trip to Lake Puula.  The lake and its shoreline, the trees and rocks are remarkably similar to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness on the boundary between northern Minnesota, USA and Ontario, Canada.  I did several canoe trips there, driving 24 hours round trip each time from Chicago. That was over 30 years ago.  I moved to the US west coast and have never returned there, though I still do canoe camping.  Your photos and video make me want to go back to Minnesota and perhaps to visit Finland.  Seeing the similarity of the landscape between Lake Puula and the Boundary Waters makes it easy to understand why Finnish and other Scandinavia immigrants to the US chose Minnesota as a place to live; it was a lot like “home.”

Kim Apel

From our Facebook page

This little 16ft clinker fantail launch I am restoring was built around 1895 I would like to Know if any others were ever built. if anyone has seen any photos of clinker fantail Launch s in any books museums mag,s ex please let me Know
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Dianne's Rose Report

Hi Chuck,

I thought I'd get you an update this week as we finally got in the water! The weekend was great, our trip was two parts, the river excursion and the Bay with the ice still floating around.

Dianne didn't want to come out so it was supposed to be a "guys" trip. Having made it clear I was going to smash some ice once in the bay. My girl changed her mind and a friends wife also came so seven in all.

The current was running fairly strong so everyone was surprised we could make progress into it, with only the 9.8hp as you can see  on You Tube video below. The beautiful sand banks we boated up to was worth the slow progress. After turning to the downstream leg everyone was relaxed, warm and comfortable (Wood stove! Good food! Good friends!).

Once at the river mouth the chop was up as the wind had built throughout the trip but onward we pushed. Maneuvering through the ice was fun and we made it well into the Bay but we were cautious. Due to the strong wind the ice could shift and cut us off from the river entrance. Di was a little nervous with the building waves but the boat handled well in spite of the spray drenched windshield.

Di became more concerned as I crashed into small bits of ice. A little more stressed as I pushed the boat against bigger bergs. In my defence I warned her that this was the purpose of the trip, showing the boats strength (not even a scratch!), and she had chosen to come anyway. We even tested the oars, rowing from inside the cabin (my back is scared, Dianne's doing!).

Life is short! Go boating! Love the people you touch! Best/Roy

Off Center Harbor News

Hi Chuck ~

Members have been asking if we could make it easy for them to share an occasional OCH video with friends.

Absolutely! Over the next few weeks, we'll be sending you a few videos that you can forward to boaters you know.

Here's the first one — a newly revised version of an epic schooner launching that we made for Rockport Marine.

When the original version was released, it was so popular that it went viral and brought the boat yard's site down.

We're happy for you to forward this email to all your friends so they can watch the full version of the video too.

Bringing Boats to Life
An Epic Launch at Rockport Marine
(full version is unlocked for visitors)

VIDEO: An Epic Launch

I hope you and your friends enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it.

If your friends like what they see, they can:

Thanks for helping us spread the word!

Warm regards,

Steve Stone, Co-Founder & Filmmaker

Colorado Messabout Announcement


A last minute mini-messabout is being planned for the week of June 9 – 13 at Glendo Reservoir in SE Wyoming. It’s a large lake 21+/- miles long, 1+/- miles wide at places, a long sandy beach, small coves, a number of ramps, camping facilities, a full service restaurant & more. We will be camping at the southern end, the water level is up and it’s only 3+ hours from Denver. The agenda is extremely informal; sail, camp, paddle, eat, row, gab, motor, see the rising moon (almost full, actual full Thursday the 12th), talk boats, sail/paddle/row/motor boats and more.

You can contact me with ?’s;

Think about it, especially those of you that are experiencing low water levels. Plus the area is chock full of history.

Paul Breeding

Broomfield CO

SCAMP, Peep Hen and more

This album has 6 photos and will be available on SkyDrive until 8/13/2014.

Puddle Duck Racer World Championship Races

Worlds 2014 is just three weeks away. The Houston "Horde" is busily making preparations for what is sure to be our best event yet. There will be lots of boats, food and fun! Whether you come for the day or stay the entire weekend, you are sure to have a good time at this family friendly event. So come join us at beautiful Magnolia Beach for what is sure to be an event to remember.

If you are planning on attending and have not already done so, please stop by our web site, and register. When you arrive make sure to stop by the registration both to pick up your ballot for the "boat show" and also your free lottery ticket for the Puddle Duck giveaway on Sunday.

-- Eric C.

Hosts of Worlds 2014

Lugsail Performance - Better than you may imagine

I've now got a post up on my blog using Paul's videos from Wivenhoe. Great advertising for all of the "Lugnuts" out there.

OkoumeFest Recap

Hi again Chuck,

Just wanted to pass along a recap from CLC's annual messabout here on the Chesapeake, OkoumeFest:


Matt Cordrey

ChevyDuck Sets Sail

May 29, 2014 ChevyDuck set sail on the water for the 1st time.

ChevyDuck is a purpose built "duck" for 'The Texas 200 Ducks' LiveStrong Foundation cancer fund raiser being held this year during the June 9-13, 2014 running of the Texas 200 sailing event held along the south Texas coast. Sailing up to 16 hours a day for 5 days both the boats and skippers will be challenged, but each boat has a reason to sail, ChevyDuck has had its hood signed by many people that have loved ones dealing with cancer or have been lost to cancer. ChevyDuck started as a OzRacer RV (Mik Storer) and was modified to first look like an old car and second to withstand the strains of a 200 mile unassisted sailing event. Some internal structure was added to hold the car's battery & wiring compartment, side mounted pivoting leeboard, pivoting kickup rudder and backing plates for the car's fenders and fins while still keeping the boat light and seaworthy.

The 1st sail of ChevyDuck was in the protected waters just behind Texas City Dike in 15-20 knot winds. The boat did great and a few modifications were done on site between sails. John and his wife Rosa did poke the boat out beyond the protected waters of the dike and sail for some time in the rougher water of Galveston Bay in order to have a few good runs back to the beach surfing on the waves.

Nothing broken, no leaks, sail did great and the lights worked at the end of the day. It was a great day or ChevyDuck and all those names that are sailing with it on the hood.


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