(Reports from 2003)

I wanted to tell you about a sale at Home Depot. They are selling the Ridgid Miter Saw Utility Vehicle for only $99.00 until the 31st of this month. That is one hundred dollars off the list price! If I didn't already have the Port-A-Mate I would buy one myself. I risk getting killed by Nan if I did.

John Cupp

We were up today at 4 am to make a live shoot for the local TV station's morning show. A short clip is attached, but all in all, it ran about 20 minutes scattered through their 2 hour show.

Just having fun in the silly south.

Bruce: Getting sleepy, and ready to head up the l'il wooden stairs to my nice,....,warm,....bed....zzzzzzzzz

Detroit killed the marine engine industry. Cheap and light automotive gasoline engines elbowed aside the old, massive types. Speed! Everyone wanted to water-ski behind those "wide-sterned power craft draped with chromium plating and inhabited by strange beings of unnautical aspect", "modern freaks that look like the result of a collision between an automobile and a dining car, with the whole mess superimposed on a float stage" (quotes from the Curmudgeon Of Curmudgeons himself, L. F. Herreshoff). I'd like to see low-speed motor boats return as a useful and enjoyable class of small craft for both builders and families. Dream on, eh?

So here's an alternative that you might throw out on Duckworks:


I particularly like the "Compact in construction being fixed on the stern of a boat, occupying no shipping space, causing no damage to boat body, and demanding no specific requirements of the boat." Seems versatile, albeit somewhat weighty. You'd certainly have a conversation piece.

David Romasco - Kent Island Boat Works

Hey guess what - our little race boat now has it's own website: https://www.PDRacer.com


There was an ill-judged attempt to bring the light of faith to members of the Michalak forum on Yahoo! a few days ago. All it did for me (sinner that I am) was prompt me to dig out the enclosed and send it to Duckworks in the hope that it might amuse. It was in circulation in photocopy form at the drawing office I worked in thirty years ago.
All best,

Chris Partridge

The 15th or 16th (can't remember which) Midwest Messabout will be held the weekend of June 11-13, 2004 at Gun Creek Campground on Rend Lake in South Central Illinois, USA

I have reserved campspots #55 and #56 (on the "Cardinal" loop) which are the same two spots that I reserved last year, and I assume that they will again serve as "ground zero" for the activities. Since I really have no need for two whole campspots, I am more than willing to share; there can be up to three "vehicles" on each spot. Last year no one took me up on the offer until about 3 weeks before the meet, then everyone wanted to.

Rav Davis' AF4 was just one of the boats last year

I do have one "SkiffAmerca 20" signed-up for one of the spots that I have reserved.

You can also make your own reservations here:

We had lots-o-them home-made boats last year; hope to have an equally impressive turn-out this time.

Saturday supper is a "group effort;" As always, everyone will vote on the menu, which will be hamburgers and hot-dogs, and then a couple of us will run into town to pick-up the supplies. You can bring a dish if you want, but it is certainly not necessary. Donations to the "food fund" always appreciated.

For the last several years, the Midwest Messabout has been the "high point" of my summer, which either means it is really, really fun, or my summers are exceedingly dull.

If ya don't show-up, you will never know the answer to that question.


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Bruce Armstrong

Intressanta motorer.
Dejan Petrovic´


Here is the official announcement for this year's Contraband Regatta. Please note the added PuddleDuck Racer Class.
Ken Abrahams

Subject: Deep South 2004

Welcome to Deep South 2004. Please take a look at our website, for more info. I encourage everyone to pass this on to all who may be interested in attending! Hope to see you there for great racing and good times!
Jennifer Dwyer
Hobie Fleet 9

I am writing to refer you to a useful link for woodworkers, restorers, and boat builders. The information is below:

Title: Exotic Lumber Inc.
URL: https://www.exoticlumberinc.com
Email: joshnozick@msn.com
Category: Wood / Lumber
Description: 130+ species of hardwoods and softwoods, marine timbers and sheet goods, veneers and bookmatched sets.
Call our toll-free number for a current price quote, or to discuss your lumber requirements.

Thank you,

Robert Belgrad