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There is a new issue of the Chebacco webzine online at https://www.chebacco.com

Hello Chuck,

I have been playing with the Google Earth freeware program, https://earth.google.com/ I presume you have heard of it. Wow! I am in love with it, at least some of the images generated from it are going to be printed and laminated for my upcoming boat trips.

Luke Spreadborough

It's amazing...

...what you can do with a small car and still not get stopped by the police isn't it? I reckon this is probably about the most ridiculous combination I've yet moved round the country.

All up weight a shade over 2 tonnes, total length about 32 feet, engine capacity 1.3 litres... and it still went up a 1 in 10 gradient with bags of power left under my right foot. That's some good towing gearing!


Al Wasey

For those of you who think that DInghy cruising is all unshaven faces, salt encrusted faces and lukewarm baked beans on mouldy bread, here is a shot of Dave Perillos Navigator "Jaunty" and Paul Grooms Pathfinder "Varuna" stopped for a few minutes while their skippers go ashore for supper.


Amateur builders concern other aspects. The choice of material is one. The construction time is an other very important factor. Here again the wood/epoxy composite system speaks for it self. As an example I send you a picture of an amateur builder in Turkey. He built the boat from our plans in 8 weeks. He has a full time job and could only build over the weekends. This was his first boat building project. He made a full picture report of the construction of the boat on his webpage. If you are interested go to:


Happy sailing


Here is a photo I snapped using my camera phone while sailing from Chassell to Dollar Bay (Michigan's Portage Lake, in the U.P.) showing my rope-stropped blocks in action.

Tom Hamernik

Tja ba!
Något försenat får du ögonblicksbilder, så gott det låter sej göras med en digitalkamera, av Briggen Gerda när hon jungfruseglat till Suderhumpen.
Dejan Petrovic´


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Some weeks ago the brand new Brigg "Gerda" , from the city of Gävle, made her first voyage. She came to my hometown showing up her sails. All sails where sewen here. Boat and all here gears have been built/made by unemployed as a benifit/develepment program. Over 1000 persons have layed a hand to her.
Dejan Petrovic´

Can I stitch or what??? Move over Martha Stewart!



looks like this year the Wisla river has become the "trendy" thing here in Warsaw. There is even a logo saying:" Jestesmy nad Wisla" that means "We are on the Wisla river". I don't take part in any "trendy" events at all, but it looks like we are kind of unintended pioneers for Wisla popularity?

I hope they will not disturb the nature on the river with too many beer cans!;) Here are scans from one of today's newspapers showing the Wisla river in the center of the Warsaw city, notice wild green bush and sandy beaches in the middle of the town.


Do not show this to your kids or it'll cost you huge amounts of money. RC coolness... Recommend broadband only...


Chris Ostlind

Date: June 12, 2005
Contact: Aux. Wayne Spivak
Division Chief - External Communications
Public Affairs Department
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Local knowledge could have saved this boater much pain

Portland, ORE - The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary wants boaters to be extra cautious when boating in areas that are not familiar to them.

Local knowledge of both boating terrain and weather conditions can make all the difference between having a pleasant day on the water or it turning into a dangerous and possibly fatal ride.

Last Saturday, a couple in their 19 foot open boat with a Bimini went for a ride on the Columbia River. This was their first trip ever on this dynamic waterway. Along for the ride was the couple's two children, ages 11 and 3, as well as another female relative.

The Columbia River normally has calm seas during the day, but due to afternoon heating, the winds begin to kick up in the afternoon. By 5PM on Saturday, the winds were blowing about 15 knots and the seas were three foot chop.

Adding to the chop were the wakes caused by the many boats, most larger, that were coming back from a day on the water. This caused the chop to also have the characteristic of "confused seas", or waves coming from every direction.

Our boaters was neither prepared for this weather, nor used to boating in these weather and boating conditions. To their credit, they were wearing Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's).

The 11 year old female was sitting on the bow, when one particularly large wave hit the vessel.

She bounced and hit the deck head first.

Auxiliarists Ken Babick and Carol Bobo of Flotilla 73 of the Thirteenth Coast Guard Auxiliary District were on patrol that day and happened to be pass by the boaters shortly after the incident.

The 19 foot boat did not have a VHF radio, and was lucky that the USCG Auxiliary was patrolling that part of the Columbia River at that particular moment.

The Auxiliarists radioed ahead and requested an ambulance meet them at a local boat ramp. They then proceeded to lead the boat to the closest ramp. The Auxiliarists were later informed the child had broken her jaw in two places.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary can not emphasize enough the need for all boaters to:

1. Take a Boating Safety Course
2. Wear Your Lifejacket
3. Get a FREE Vessel Safety Check
4. Always file a Float Plan
5. If boating in unfamiliar waters, seek out local knowledge.
6. Always check the weather forecast before leaving and during the day.

For more information on Boating Courses, contact your local Flotilla (www.cgaux.org/cgauxweb/getzip.html) or Coast Guard unit (www.uscg.mil). For a Free Vessel Safety Check, contact the above, or use the VSC Examiner database https://safetyseal.net. For a on-line step by step Float Plan, visit Float Plan Central https://www.uscgaux.org/~floatplan/.



Using GPS and Radio Frequency it’s now possible to keep track of all your Kayaks from a single PC or Laptop.

When an event occurs such as a turned over kayak, see it on-screen live.

Know that your customers are within the boundaries.

Possible Insurance reductions.

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Gilbert Walz
Security Concepts
110 Palm Ave
Millbrae California