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by Ron Thweatt - Hermitage Tennessee - USA


You Ain’t Home ‘til the Anchor is Dropped in the Harbor

It’s the time of year when I kind of get depressed. I start thinking of all the past years with my Family, a Family which has always been together at Christmas.

As most “Adults” know and understand, IF you live long enough you find your Family has grown larger and this usually means your kids have become grown and possibly the person you always dreamed they would become, or if you’re really lucky a better person than you dreamed they would become.

It also means with kids growing up they seem to make more kids - that means more In-Laws and Grandkids who have to be shared with other Grandparents along with new Traditions.

This year MY Family is no different. My Son is living in Illinois and will soon be married to a Wonderful Woman. Along with a new Daughter-In-Law I will also get the Gift of a New Grand Daughter, Yep, Capt Ron is going to Be a Grandpa again.

This Child will come to me already made, nine years old and a bundle of Joy to all she meets.

For the First Time in My Life I will be away at Christmas. I will be sharing in the Family Traditions of my Son’s New-to-be Family and This I look forward to.

This does cause a Small Problem - I have a Daughter and Son-in-Law along with two grand daughters in Nashville that I will not be able to see until our return on Christmas Day.

I also have 4 other Grandchildren in another state I will not be able to see, but that is another story.

My Mother has always gone ALL OUT for Christmas, now in her 70’s {and My Father in his 80’s - By the way, no Man in the Thweatt Family has ever lived to be 80 before} finds Her Family is getting larger, With a Granddaughter and Grandson-In-Law in Wisconsin, A Grandson in Illinois, A Grandson in Nashville, who will be spending Christmas with his Soon-to-Be wife and her Family In Denver, Colorado, and A Grand daughter in Nashville who Will probably have to work on Christmas Eve and then go to her Husband’s Family Gathering with My Two Nashville Grandkids. Then, there is my Sister, who is the Mother of the Denver Kid and the Wisconsin Kid who will be coming to Nashville to see her Family who is going to other places.

So how does one come to Grips with Such a Dilemma? Well, You Just Do! That’s where Sailing Experience comes in.

Sometimes you get Wind, sometimes you get Storms and sometimes you just Sit There.

Those of us who have had the great pleasure of being part of the Family of Sailing understand and are able to handle the “Out of Hand holiday we call Christmas.” We are used to changes.

We strike up a friendship with another sailor by helping them get off a sandbar, by loaning out some gear we have no need of any longer, watching a sunset together, seeing each others children marry and in some cases even living through the sickness and passing of a Spouse.
Change is Good, although it almost never seems so at the time. I have found myself in a constant state of change over the past 3 years.

With the Revisit of an old friend from my childhood {The Continuation of Polio} I have had to make changes, a Tack if you will. A couple of times I have run aground just to find a new friend or an old friend to pull me off and then ask “Is everything ok”?

Sometimes I have been fine, others I have been in need of a “Patch Job.” My Sailing Friends have been there.

My Father can handle this Change with the Family Gathering. He is a Marine {Note: There are no ex-marines, only unenlisted ones.”} He was taught by the best. My Mother is coming around. However, in the Quiet Times I find myself at Anchor in my home - you know, just when it’s you and your thoughts. I Ponder on the years past and all the Joy they have brought me. I also Dream of all the Joy to be had in the Future as my Family continues to Grow.

My Circle of Friends continues to grow, to my amazement, through my Scribbling published in Duckworks. I have found people all over the world to spend a few minutes with even if it’s only by e-mail.

I have found Writing has helped me continue my need for a “Sailing Fix.” My Friend, Stacy Smith, whom I met through This Magazine by selling him a sail, has been a Great Blessing and he will never know how much his e-mails, sharing in the building of his boats, barn, and the time we have spent paddling my kayaks has meant.

I look forward each day to reading what my other “Brothers and Sisters” in the Boat Building world are up to, and enjoy them letting me peek into a little corner of their lives.

So, in this Season of Joy, Confusion, Disappointment, Depression, Reflection and Anticipation, I give Thanks To God for allowing all of you who contribute to Duckworks, and especially to Chuck and Sandra for their Wonderful Magazine.

  • May the Next Year Find You at Peace with Yourself, Your Family, and with the Rest of the World.
  • May you always Find Pleasure in the Thought of Past Sailing Days.
  • May you Always Find Pleasure in the Memory of all those who have gone on before us.
  • May You Always Find Pleasure in the Task at hand.
  • May You Always Find Time to Look at the Sunset with someone you Love.
  • May you Always Not Hold back tears of Joy or Sorrow.
  • Most of all, May you Find THE Perfect Harbor to Drop your anchor in.

Peace and Good Will From Capt Ron and Queen Priscilla.

The Queen and I Find ourselves, along with our little craft Osa P III, at anchor in a small harbor called Heart Harbor, located in Memory Island.

Fair Winds with just enough puffs to keep you on your toes and may your varnish always dry before sunset.and may all your cuts be as you intended.

Capt Ron

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