A Mayfly 14 Story
Tom Burton and his dad were building an ariplane, but then they bought a canoe and started sailing it, but they really wanted to build a sailboat....

Not too many of Jim Michalak's FatCat2's have ever been build. It looks like Kenneth Purdy is going to make it, though. Just a few more bits to go.

Building a Toto
When he first tried his Toto, Joseph Murray got swamped - so he decided to depart from the plans and add a deck. Now he's happy with the boat.

Stripper Troutboat Update
Larry Pullon builds strange boats like the jetski powered fishing boat and the folding jonboat. Now he is working on a strip planked folding jonboat.

Bob's Cat
Bobby Chilek showed up at the last Duckworks messabout with a nice Bobcat. He took me for a sail and I asked for an article. Here is his story.

Most of us have to steal time to work on boats, but when moving house is iminent, boats take a back seat or get a workboat finish. Tom Raidna explains.

How To

Something Useful
Longtime contributor, William Watt took a minute to send us a few useful tips for storing small boats and getting them to the water.

Super Easy Boat Cushions
Are you tired of getting boat butt from the hard seats on your boat? Here In this article Paxton shows you how to make your own comfortable cushions.


St Auggies Spring Messabout
What if you held a messabout and no one came? That is exactly what Michael Smith did - and in lovely St. Augustine Florida. At least it was relaxing.


Carburetor Work, and a Few Words on Fuel
In his series about rebuilding a 1956 Johnson outboard motor, Max Wawrzyniak has got to the carburetor. There are lots of good tips here.

Sherpa, a little boat who can carry a big load...
Perhaps John Welsford's best effort so far, the amazing little Sherpa is just like it's name sake: small, stout, capable. John gets builder feedback.

Of a ketch and a mullety, and schooners...
The universe of model boating is huge. Mark Steel takes us on a trip around the world and introduces us to his model building friends in the far corners.

The Treasure
People use boats for all sorts of purposes. Here Ross Lillistone relates the story of a little pulling boat called on for a very unusual job.

More on So Fong
Bob Means weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue when he updates a gentleman who happened upon the mention of a ship he had once known...

Living With Daggerboards
Keel; centerboard; daggerboard; the debate rages. Meanwhile, Rob Rohde-Szudy discusses some of the things you can do to improve life with a daggerboard.


San Juan Jitters
Our son Joe went with us on our recent San Juan River trip. He was a little less confident than he let on - at least at first.

Old Boating Blogs...
Bryan Lowe happened to read an old boating blog and thought it might be worth posting here - with a little update. I agree. I think you will too.

Sea Biscuit - The Saga Continues
Finally Harley gets to tell his side of the story of the premature end of his around the world effort. It seems things were not as we thought.


Return to the River
Last year, Skip Johnson and I attempted the Colorado River 100 mile race but fell short. This year he got a new partner and a new boat and made it.

Twin Keels
Here is a design proposal from Chris Ostlind. I think it's worth the price of admission just to look at Chris' lovely computer renditions.

The 9.5 Laura Bay - Part 5
Now it is time for Warren Messer to start making all the little bits that take so much time: the foils, the mast and sprit, the partner, the rudder...

Oz PDRacer
You might call this PDRacer 2.0 - Australian designer Michael Storer has produced a refined set of plans for the PDRacer and he calls it the Oz PDRacer.


Review: System Three Silvertip GelMagic
Naturally, Bob Throne need glue for his new cruiser project. We had him try this new self-thickening glue from System Three. Here is his report.

Book Review
Gary Blankenship reviews David Nichols brand new book: "The Working Guide to Traditional Small-Boat Sails - A How-to Handbook for Builders and Owners".