California Origamis  
By Steve Chambers - Santa Cruz, California - USA

HI Chuck,

I just received my copy of Small Craft Advisor Nov./Dec. and a cover shot by Don Person of the WWP15 "Waldo" that I owned till last August. Sold it to a woman up in Canada.

My 15 seconds of fame?

Then as a side bar to tenders for small boats, there's 3 fotos of my Origami and a bit of text about use and building. Much the same as what I am sending you:

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1st. foto is of primered and painted frame work

2nd. is me carrying it to first launch. This was the heavy version at 48#.

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3rd. unfolding and inserting cross pieces at local harbor.

4th. it actually floats and is reasonably stable.

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5th. A month or so later and I've built #2 in an attempt to get it lighter.

So #2's final weight was 38#, but still 12# heavier than Benji's advertised 26#. I took #2 w/ me this last summer up to Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia to use as a tender for my West Wight Potter 15.

After being up there for awhile, a woman down the road fell in love w/ WWP15 (Waldo), so I sold it to her.

That left the Origami, which I gifted to a couple friends to use as a tender for their moored small sailboats. A replacement for a leaky Zodiac. They're both good sized guys, and both of them in the O-6 rowing seems the limit of its capacity. Maybe 370#s?

photo 6. inside of WWP15

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7. either giving birth to or devouring it.

It fit inside w/ a bit of wrestling around and left enuf room for sleeping on starboard sleeping pad. I could pull it out and erect it while resting on grab rails, then slip in into water. I'd tie up both bow and stern for getting in and out of, avoiding cold water baths.

All in all the O-6 fit my needs for a collapsable short tender to fit into a WWP15.

Maybe I'll come in dead last in next years Shipyard Raid.

8 - A fun shot of a Origami 6 towing another O6. Not a fotoshop job.

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BTW, interesting that many plans have been sold, but seemingly not many built. Could be that a few of the materials called for aren't readily available in US. I substituted easy finds.

Steve Chambers

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