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Winter Sternwheeler Cruise Ices Up

The weather has not cooperated for our winter sternwheeler cruise. The boat is still under wraps due to the icing in the river. The ice chunks play havoc with the wooden buckets (paddles) on the wheel. It was even colder this weekend with a low of 9 (F) degrees Our winter cruise may turn into a spring fling. I willl get you that story as it becomes a bit easier on the boat. Good luck in the Everglades.
Float safe,

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A Couple of B&B Kayaks

Hey guys- JUST read Chucks write up on the site about your friend Dennis. Really sad thing, but it made me realize just how LONG it had been since we talked. Sad isn't it? To take something like that to jar you out of writing lethargy?

Here's what I've been doing- building a Core Sound 20 for a guy in Baton Rouge, badly delayed because of our horrible chilly wet weather, for months it seems.

Plus I finally built Laura and I a couple of kayaks- 13 footers. Birder design from B and B.

Charlie Jones

.....in praise of small boats .....:^)

contributed by Jack Panter

Just The Thing for Quick Trips to the Islands with Your Friends

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 26 (UPI) -- A new ship to carry U.S. Navy SEAL
commandos won't make it to the East Coast for more tests till next

The move for the experimental Stiletto, with its dramatic new M-shaped hull will come five months behind its original departure date in August, the Navy Times reported Tuesday. "The innovative ship was slated to depart San Diego for Norfolk, Va., for another round of at-sea tests and demonstrations starting this fall to further understand the capabilities of its carbon-fiber, M-shaped hull," the newspaper said.

"The 80-foot-long, 40-foot-wide ship, built with the concept of launching and recovering Navy SEALs and other special-operations forces closer to their targets, wrapped up nearly six months of tests and sea trials in late August and began preparations for shipment to the East Coast," the Navy Times said.

The vessel was built by the San Diego-based M Ship Co. with the aid of Knight and Carver, a southern California yacht-building company for the Pentagon's Office of Force Transformation, the report said.

The Stiletto "is powered by four 1,650-horsepower diesel engines that propel it to speeds of 55 mph or more," the Navy Times said. "The vessel can cut 360-degree turns in two boat lengths. It's designed with an "electronics" keel that integrates a local area network and enables a 'plug-and-play' sensors and systems for commanders and underway spec-ops teams."

"Stiletto's hull, with curvy planing tunnels that displace the energy of waves and lift the vessel off the water, is one of its key features being closely evaluated at sea," the newspaper said.

submitted by Bruce Armstrong

Macyam Viper miniboat

Hi Chuck, after looking at many designs of boats, I couldn't find one that I liked, so I designed my own. It is 7ft 4inches long and has space for two people, I weigh ten stone and have carried a 15 stone passenger in it.

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The steering uses an angle grinder gearbox with wooden pulleys taking the steering ropes to the motor. I have only tried it with a seagull engine but I am refurbishing a 9.9 HP Evinrude to put the Speed into my Boat! The engine is 23 years old and was totally filled with what I call Seacrust. I will send photos if I manage to get it running and on the boat. I also built a small yacht which is single person only. Enjoyed your site,keep up the good work, Andy M. PS I found your site on modelboatmayhem. I build models too.

Andy McGarrity

Mystery Boat

Hello I need some help with a boat, do you think that this boat has a hull design like those of the 18th century? Dut do you know of other wooden boats that have the same or identical hull design as this one? I've wanted a vessel with this type of hull for many years now.

I'm looking for similar boat, a fixer upper any condition. On or near the east coast. Any leads would be greaty appreicated.


2007 Rust Check "Frank Davidson" Cancer Flotilla

Kingston, Ontario, 12 March, 2007 …. The Canadian Cancer Society will be the big winner of the 2007 Rust Check "Frank Davidson" Cancer Flotilla on 29 April, 2007.

The event is named in honour of Frank Davidson, a longtime Portsmouth resident, avid small boater, former sexton of Portsmouth Anglican Church and volunteer official for the dragon boat races. Frank died of cancer on 9 April, 2005.

This years event will be the third annual Cancer Flotilla (formerly Cancer Row).

All area boaters are welcome to join in FREE! There is no entry fee, just pick up a pledge form and help us raise funds for cancer research.

At 9 a.m., Sunday, 29 April, 2007, participating rowers, paddlers (including canoe or kayak), sailboats and power boats will set out from The Flora McDonald Harbour in front of city hall and proceed to the beach at the Gananoque Municipal Marina, a distance of some 20 nautical miles. At an average rate of 3 m.p.h., the row is expected to take about 7 to 8 hours. Estimated arrival time in Gananoque is 4 p.m. We expect power boaters will finish a tad quicker.

Prior to the event, rowers, paddlers, sailors and supporters that wish to help will be asking Kingstonians to sign a pledge sheet for a donation ($10, $20, $50, $100, any amount actually!) to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Any boater who wants to participate can eMail Bruce at rustcheck@hotmail.com , please put Cancer Flotilla as the subject.
For safety reasons we are searching for one or more power boats with cabins to accompany the flotilla. Safety boats are needed due to the cold water temperatures at this time of year. Any small boat that tips will need a rapid assist into dry clothes, hypothermia can set in after only a few minutes immersion. Safety boats are of course, invited to solicit pledges also.

Pledge forms may be picked up at Rust Check, 102 Fraser St., Kingston, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and at the Cancer Society offices at 2795 Princess St. Rust Check will also fax or eMail the forms upon request.

Donations can also be made at Rust Check, 102 Fraser St, and at The Portsmouth Tavern, 55 Yonge St. The 'Ports' was Frank Davidson's 'local'.

All donations go to the Canadian Cancer Society. Official tax receipts will be mailed for all bequests of $20 or more and on request for lesser amounts.

Participants are requested to collect their own donations in cash or by cheques made out to 'The Canadian Cancer Society' prior to the event.

If April 29 proves to have inclement weather a date in May will be selected instead.

Because the water is dangerously cold in April, inclement weather includes rain, headwinds and rough water. All participants are required to have lifejackets, warm clothing, food and drink are recommended. Hot chocolate will await all finishers at the Gananoque Marina courtesy of Rust Check.


Rust Check Kingston eMail: rustcheck@hotmail.com
102 Fraser St. website:
Kingston, ON, K7K 2J2 fax: 613-542-4619
613-542-2305 toll free: 1-888-214-9104
Cell: 613-536-8507

This is an official third party fund raising event for the Kingston Frontenac Lennox and Addington Cancer Unit, for information on holding an event of your own contact:

Joan Gowsell
Fundraising Coordinator Canadian Cancer Society, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Unit
2795 Princess St. Kingston, ON K7P 2X1
(613) 384-2361

Boat on Lake Superior

Ever wonder why the Edmund Fitzgerald didn't make it?

A little taste of the seafaring life on the Inland Seas!

These photographs were taken last month aboard Misener Steamships
MV Selkirk Settler as she crossed Lake Superior in typical November weather.

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submitted by Jim Thayer





Schedule: Saturday March 31:

Site registration 0800 - 1000
Competitor’s meeting 1030
Race #1 1130 Class flag
Race #2 TBA
Race #3 TBA
Sunday April 1 Race #4 1000 Class flag
Race #5 Following #4

No race to start after 1300 on Sunday

Registration Fees:

  • Single Handed Catamaran $55
  • Double handed catamaran $75
  • Additional crew or guest food and drink bracelet $15
  • Additional T-shirts $12

Registration fees include: Regatta entry, food and drink bracelet, and t-shirts for advanced notice of entry.

Camping on grounds allowed starting Friday March 30. Many hotels are nearby. Food to be provided on Saturday Night: Crawfish Dinner and Beer or Soft drinks.Saturday and Sunday Morning: Donuts and coffee

Entertainment Saturday Night: Alvin Touchet

Please Contact Charlie Buller in advance by E-Mail at Ortheo@AOL.com or by phone at (337)436-8485 to provide T-Shirt sizes and advanced notice of entry, or if any more information is needed.

Trackstick Pro

Trackstick proudly announces the Trackstick Pro,

The Trackstick Pro is the latest and most innovative GPS location recorder that is fully integrated into Google Earth.

Telespial Systems is actively seeking distributors and resellers who have want to offer their government agency customers the latest in GPS technology. The Trackstick Pro can improve productivity, manage assets and be instrumental in a variety of disaster relief efforts. Some of the numerous applications include: evacuation route planning, search and rescue, property surveying and emergency vehicle management. More information on these uses can be found at https://www.trackstickpro.com/googlefederal.htm.

Trackstick Pro can offer your existing and prospective customers a more efficient and cost effective tracking device that will provide where their drivers have been, start and stop times, driving route and more.

Please feel free to get more information at www.trackstickpro.com


CLC Winter Newsletter


Glide High Purity Lubricant

Glide High Purity Multi-Purpose Lubricant

AMA Inc., a US based lubricant manufacturer, is pleased to announce Glide High Purity Lubricant. This multi-purpose lubricant is non-flammable, safe for storage and shipping, and, is environmentally friendly. Glide is non-conductive, odor free, non-static, non-toxic and nonhazardous. It is safe for use in enclosed spaces, will not cause etching or pitting on brass and other alloys and is also effective on rubber, plastics and synthetics. Glide contains no silicone or Teflon so it won’t interfere with stained or painted finishes on marine woods. In addition to displacing moisture and not attracting dust, Glide forms a highly effective barrier to oxidation and corrosion on metal parts and surfaces particularly in salt air. Glide quickly penetrates and frees stuck and rusted parts and mechanisms while providing superior lubricity and workability across temperatures from sub-zero to well in excess of 150°. Glide is an ideal maritime lubricant with applications from the machine shop to the engine room to the galley – Glide carries an NSF H1 registration for incidental food contact – to help minimize the onboard lubricant inventory. Glide’s standard packaging ranges from the 8½ ounce pump spray plastic bottle (12 pack cases) to 1 gallon (4 per case) and 5 gallon units to 55 gallon drums.

NMFC classification data - Compounds, Lubricating; item 50303; class 55. International Inventories TSCA, DSL, NDSL, EC EINICS, AICS, KECL, ENCS, PICCS, ASIA -PAC. Meets or exceeds ASTM D-130, -445, -877, -924, - 1275, -1298, -1816, -2688, -4502. NSF H1 reg. #137287. TCLP and CA Prop 65 compliant. NFPA 0,0,0, blank.

Glide div of AMA Co.
Tom Morley, VP
57 Old Post Road No 2
Greenwich, CT 06830
203.861.9400 voice
203.622.1238 fax

JOTUN introduces new range of marine vessel coatings
for the Middle East markets

SeaQuantum, SeaForce Antifoulings and SeaLion Fouling Release Coating expected to see major demand in the region

December 21, 2006

JOTUN, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of paints, coatings and powder coatings, has announced the launch of a new range of marine vessel coatings in the Middle East. The latest range that includes SeaForce Antifouling solutions, SeaQuantum, and SeaLion Fouling Release Coating (FRC) products are expected to witness a major demand from the regional maritime industry.
JOTUN’s SeaQuantum is a self-polishing and self-smoothing antifouling agent that offers a drydocking interval of up to 60 months through a predictable fouling protection performance. For a cost-effective solution, JOTUN’s SeaForce self-polishing antifouling product offers a drydocking interval of up to 36 months, which can be upgraded to a further 60 months when combined with SeaQuantum. The SeaLion Fouling Release Coating product offers longtime economic benefits through its robust system and excellent fouling release control properties.

“Be it in the residential and commercial real estate sector or in the maritime or industrial sector, JOTUN paints have become synonymous with quality and finish. We are pleased to introduce our latest range of marine vessel coatings in the region, at a time when the regional maritime industry is flourishing as a result of the all round progress and development achieved by the countries in the Middle East,” said Bjorn Tveitan of JOTUN Paints.

JOTUN is a global group with 67 companies and 39 production facilities spread across five continents that develops, produces and sells cost-effective paints and coatings products in addition to providing customer service and technical support to residential, marine and industrial markets worldwide. JOTUN Marine Coatings is reputed for its diverse portfolio of products that include SeaQuantum, SeaForce, Jotamastic 87, Balloxy HB Light and Hardtop.

JOTUN has recently secured major contracts for new building and conversion projects from leading drydocking yards in the region, where the company will supply its high-quality marine coatings and provide after sales services.

For more information, please contact:
CommuniGate Middle East
PO Box 66861, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 3988134
Fax: +971 4 3988137
Email: info@communigateme.com
Website: www.communigateme.com

Brunswick leverages world-famous boat brands to increase penetration in Middle East market

Industry leader to address swelling demand brought about by massive waterfront development projects in the region

March 14th , 2007
Brunswick, the market leader in the marine industry, has announced that it will leverage its extensive and impressive fleet of boat brands to boost its penetration rate in the growing Middle East market and help increase interest in the boating industry. The impetus for Brunswick's ambitious expansion initiatives in the region has been a series of positive indicators, such as a sharp increase in infrastructure development for the marine industry, and large-scale construction of marinas and marine-themed residential and commercial parks.

"Brunswick is making a big-time commitment to the Middle East market as we have been impressed with the marine infrastructure development in the region and the innovative ideas such as the creation of new beachfront through high-profile reclamation projects. We value the region as a very important trading partner because of its very attractive marine business environment and its flourishing economy, which has resulted in more people owning yachts, fishing boats and other sea cruisers. Our increased efforts in the Middle East reflect Brunswick's thrust to focus on global markets. Our non-US revenues have increased tremendously over the past five years, growing at twice the rate of our US sales. We intend to sustain this global growth by increasing our presence in different emerging markets such as the Middle East," said Haidar Wardeh, Managing Director, Brunswick Middle East.

Brunswick provides the Middle East clientele a wider selection of top-tier brands catering to leisure and recreation boating, sport fishing, ocean cruising, luxury adventures and other sea activities. Brunswick's extensive product portfolio includes motoryachts, sportfishing convertibles, general recreation boats, saltwater fishing boats, freshwater fishing and utility boats, inflatable boats, high-performance boats and other accessories and related technologies.

Brunswick, which also has businesses in other industries, sells its industry-leading products in more than 130 countries. Part of Brunswick's strategy for expansion in other markets is utilizing local talent, which allows the company to better customize its services and products according to local needs.

"Aside from being the premier company in the marine industry, Brunswick is also the market leader in the fitness, bowling and billiards industries. Over 160 years of experience and expertise as an industry pacesetter and groundbreaker has cemented Brunswick's reputation as an astute business developer; the company knows when and where to seize profitable business opportunities and has the flexibility and versatility to adjust to the market requirements of its new ventures," said Wardeh.

"The Middle East has seen a string of marquee projects being constructed such as UAE's The Palm Jumeirah island and Dubai Marina, and the Pearl City in Qatar. The region indeed provides an excellent platform for these iconic projects with the states enjoying lush coastlines and an abundance of cutting-edge technology and manpower. These sea-based property developments have resulted in a heightening demand for various sea crafts and technologies, which will be effectively addressed by Brunswick's extensive portfolio of boats and related services," Wardeh added.

The Palm Jumeirah's waterfront homes and beach-themed tourism and commercial enterprises will provide a sea-faring paradise for boating enthusiasts and leisure travellers. The Dubai Marina, one of the largest waterfront development in the region, will open 500 new berths for the boating community spreading across five marinas, including the Dubai Marine Motor Yacht Club (DMMYC), which will provide a link to the international yachting community as it is set to be associated with global yachting events such as the America's Cup.

The region has complemented its robust infrastructure and property development with strategic platforms to showcase the latest technological advances, innovations, ideas and products in the industry. Among these are trade and exhibition events such as the Dubai International Boat Show, which will be held this year at the Dubai International Marine Club on March 13-17.

"We are seeing striking developments in the industry, which is an expected progression for a region that has the natural resources, the financial capacity, the vision and the will to implement such magnificent and humungous projects. Brunswick will contribute to the success of these initiatives by providing our clients a boating experience with unrivalled performance, safety and comfort," concluded Wardeh.

For more information, please contact :
Orient Planet PR & Marketing Communications
Tel : +971 4 3988901
Fax : +971 4 3988941
Email : info@orientplanet.com
Website: www.orientplanet.com