Book Review: A Speck on the Sea - Epic Voyages in the Most Improbable Vessels - by William H. Longyard
Author and Duckworks contributor Brian Anderson takes a close look at a book of high sea adventures.


Book Review: TALL SHIPS - The Fleet for the 21st Century by Thad Koza
If ever there was a book of boat pornography, this has to be it - Reviewed by Joseph Ditler.


Book Review: Drift Boats & River Dories
David Nichols is a boat designer, builder and instructor who has designed a few drift boats along the way so it is only fitting that he review this book.


Makita BO3700 Review
Tord Eriksson went to replace his old Bosh sander with a Black & Decker he had seen but none were to be found. He ended up with a Makita and seems to like it.


Book Review - SIMPLE COURAGE: A True Story of Peril on the Sea - by Frank Delaney
It's obvious that Don Freix enjoyed this book and he makes a convincing argument that you will too.


Small Boats on Green Waters
This is sort of a book review but really more of an introduction in which I let the editor of the book, Brian Anderson do most of the talking.


Book Review: Down The Mississippi -
This may not be the kind of book you would expect Rob Rohde-Szudy to read, much less review, but we are glad he decided to do both.


Hobie Adventure Island Review
The Watertribe Everglades Challenge begins Saturday, and there are two of these boats entered. John Denison tried one and wrote this review.


Tapered Round Brush Review
If you have never used one of these brushes on your boat, perhaps you need to read Herb McLeod's review. He even tells you where to get them.