Real Treasure
Ever wish you had a little glass bottomed boat to look for sunken treasure? Fred Night put his wish into action and built a simple dory with a window on the bottom. Here is his story.

Christer Byström has been designing small boats and writing about them in Duckworks for several years. His latest is a 17.5 foot lapstrake ketch. He is offering free plans for this one too.

Some Building Tips
At 29 feet, Bolger's Tennessee is a serous boat, but that did not keep Ed Einhorn from taking a light-hearted approach when he sat down to write this update to his project.


Tape and Glue Assembly
Often builders have tried to find less toxic ways to do modern stitch and glue construction. Ken Simpson has developed a method using Polyester and Titebond III that shows promise.

Cockpit Drains
Every sailor thinks about safety and what would happen if a big wave came aboard. Tom Schultz is no exception. In this article, he shows how to install one-way scupper valves.

Scaling up a Small Boat Design
When you first think about it, scaling a boat to be larger or smaller than the one you have plans for seems straightforward. But as Warren Messer explains, that is not necessarily so.

Installing a Solar-Powered Fan
Derek Waters plans to keep his Bolger Micro in the water this summer. To ventilate the cabin, he added a solar powerd fan and in this article he tells you how to install one on your boat


Bay Islands of Summer
Imagine you owned one of John Welsford's Pathfinders and were able to sail it for two weeks in New Zealands Bay of Islands. Frank Bates lived this dream and wrote us about it

The Great Neches River Downstream Expedition of ‘08
Anyone who follows the Duckworks Forum knows that Tyson McLeod (Tyson in Galveston) is a pretty good storyteller. Here is Tyson's East Texas piny woods epic adventure story.


Cedar Key 2008
We did not make it to Cedar Key this year, but fortunately, David Lucas did and he was kind enough to allow us to post a collection of his pictures with a short introduction here.

Moving the Midwest Messabout for 2009
Jim Michalak has been holding his Midwest Messabout for a couple of decades now making it one of the oldest around. But Rob Rohde-Szudy and others are thinking about moving it.


Mundoo 3 Solar Electric
A couple of years ago, Michael Storer did a lot of design work on the Mundoo Solar Electric cruiser. But it's only now that the real value of a power boat that uses no fuel is apparent.

Shenandoah, scene stealer at the Italy Rolex Rally, a Sea Thru Starlet, windling with Darth and the sailing now railroad-operating Lockley’s.
Mark Steele's wonderful potpouri of model boat news.

The Other Side of the Coin
When the new owner of a boat you worked on in the past contacts you about that boat old memories are liable to come to mind. If you are John Welsford, you may write about them.

GPH and MPG: Outboard Fuel Management
Rob Rohde-Szudy is the quintessential DIY'er. In this month's column, he shows us how to measure engine performance with bits of string, tubing, scrap lumber and an empty soda bottle.


The Q-17 Minicruiser
Here is another "resurrected" design from Joe Dobler. With her masthead sloop rig and reverse shear, she looks very modern. Her plywood taped seam construction is up to date too.

Building a Lake Skiff - Part 5
This time Charlie focuses on installing the topsides and floor. As is the case in most boat building, there is some soul searching, and a hiccup or two but things finally move along.

The Explorer Box
When he decided to downsize from a larger camping trailer, Scott Chaney came up with this clever camp trailer design. Now he offers them for sail in plan, kit or finished form.

Building a Lake Skiff - Part 4: Stem and Frame Construction
With this installment, Charlie Ewers is getting into the nitty-gritty of construction. He presents a few of the problems he encountered and how he resolved them.


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