Two Seat PVC and Duct Tape Kayak
It is always nice when a boat that starts out as a lark, ends up being successful. That is what happened to Daniel Glick and his dad when they built a boat from PVC plastic and duct tape.

The Mini-Pond Home
Are you having trouble making the mortgage payments on that three bedroom two bath? Harold Duffield makes a good argument for moving aboard a nice houseboat and saving $$.

Free Plans - Gill 12 Tugboat
Yesterday we introduced Mike Gill's little tugboat with a story about its launch. Today, as promised, we are posting plans for the little boat. This may be just the project you are looking for.

Building a Lake Skiff - Part 8
Being 95% done with only 40% left to do, Charlie Ewers was able to launch his lake skiff and motor a few miles. He reports that it didn't leak or fall apart. Read the rest of his story.

The Pacific Pelican
The San Francisco Bay and Great Pelicans are synonymous with seaworthiness. Bill Short along with Ed and Jim Barlow developed the Pacific Pelican to fill the gap between them.


Launch of the O&P Pod
Warren Messer is back with another of his lovely stitch and glue designs. This double-ender's name was inspired by the "Pea Pod" and the poem "The Owl and Pussy Cat" by Edward Lear.

Building a Lake Skiff - Part 7
In this installment, Charlie Ewers turns his boat over by himself, with only a little excitement, and then after a few details, installs the bulkheads that will form the cabin.

Sou'wester - Design #182
Joe Dobler is gone but his boats live on. As an engineer, he saw the value of the stitch and glue technique and used it in most of his boat designs. Now his plans are available again.


Introducing Toter DuckBoat
When Ken Simpson had a special request for a modification of his successful and clever "Toter", he could not refuse. Scott Derr wanted a duck hunting boat with room for his dog.


Building a Lake Skiff - Part 6
Charlie Ewers installs the keelson, puts the bottom on the boat then glasses and paints it. As a bonus, he discusses the technical and philosophical aspects of sanding these boats.

Slider is Launched!
Ray Aldridge wanted to build a small, trailerable, catamaran with no cabin but with in hull seating. But since no plans were to be found, he decided to design his own boat.


The Q-17 Minicruiser
Here is another "resurrected" design from Joe Dobler. With her masthead sloop rig and reverse shear, she looks very modern. Her plywood taped seam construction is up to date too.

Building a Lake Skiff - Part 5
This time Charlie focuses on installing the topsides and floor. As is the case in most boat building, there is some soul searching, and a hiccup or two but things finally move along.

The Explorer Box
When he decided to downsize from a larger camping trailer, Scott Chaney came up with this clever camp trailer design. Now he offers them for sail in plan, kit or finished form.

Building a Lake Skiff - Part 4: Stem and Frame Construction
With this installment, Charlie Ewers is getting into the nitty-gritty of construction. He presents a few of the problems he encountered and how he resolved them.


Introducing the EZ Canoe
You probably remember Ken Simpson's three-piece, nesting pram called "Toter". Now Ken has designed a nifty little canoe with the same nesting feature - a great summer project.

Ozarkian Update
Jim Michalak designed this boat a few years ago but it was not built until Recently. Here is a report on the prototype of this historic boat rendered in modern materials and methods.

Building Muga and Tonka
If you can believe an experienced boater like Larry Pullon would need a canoe with "training wheels" then you will believe this story about how he designed and built just such an animal.

American Ingenuity
Here is a quick and cheap boat that anyone can build for a few dollars and a little time. Ben Glick, Daniel Glick, and Jeff Moening give complete instructions in this article.

Crestwood Gig
Here is the latest Joe Dobler design to be reintroduced thanks to his son-in-law, Tom Setum. The Crestwood Gig is an open water racer with six sweeps and Cox, perfect for groups.


Catamaran Skiffs - Stable, Dry, and Versatile
After living aboard a 40 foot Cross Trimaran for 10 years, Mark Gumprecht built a 22 foot catamaran. But that was still not small enough. Now he's built 12 foot and 8 foot rowing cats.

Clark Fork Drifter
Long time boat builder, designer and DIY writer Paul Butler has come up with a nifty little drift boat for up to three guys. It is designed for the home builder and can even be cartopped.

Egret Cockpit Options
Ross Miller may not agree with my use of superlatives when it comes to describing his Egret designs but he has managed to make a great design even better than it was before.

Designing Your Own Boat
Don't be fooled by the title - Roy McBride spins an entertaining tale by that begins with him designing his own boat, sprawls across three continents and ends with his lifechanged forever.

Marietta Yawl
If you know a youth group that might be interested in building a few of these rowing boats that were designed by Joe Dobler, pay attention to the introduction to this article.


Thinking in Three Dimensions, or Toy Boat II
Brian Anderson has been thinking of a river trip in France for a long time, so when a book opportunity came along, he had to get in gear. Here is an introduction to his dream voyage.

Building a Lake Skiff - Part 2: Modeling
This is the second installment of Charlie Ewers' account of his quest to design and build a boat to fit a certain set of criteria. Here, Charlie builds models and learns a bit in the process.

A new design from John Welsford, Fafnir began it's life as Gimli, a proposal for the Aroundinten race. Fafnir has grown less competitive and more laid back with milder adventures in mind.

Nootka Sound - A Camping Cruiser
If you heard rumors that we were going to start offering the designs of Joe Dobler, you heard right. We start off with Nootka Sound - a Camping Cruiser, Joe's design #213


Toter Update
Ever since his clever little nesting electric boat was introduced last year, Ken Simpson has been improving and upgrading the design. Here he discusses some of those changes.

Building a Lake Skiff
Charlie Ewers lives on a chain of lakes in Maine. He and his wife, Theo, like to explore them but between the size of the chain and the age of the explorers, another boat was needed.

Gato Especial
Chris Ostlind has an eye for style and the technical ability to back it up, so when he decided to design a handy two person trailerable, cruising catamaran, it's no wonder he succeeded.

2 More Messer Models
I am not sure if it was the lovely lines of these boats that moved me to use the alliterative title or just because it's Friday. Either way, you will enjoy building these models.

MSD Rowing Skiff
We don't always learn the process that results in a new boat design, but in the case of the MSD Rowing Skiff, Michael Storer lets us in on the process that resulted in this little number.


Open 18 Footer
I have known Phil Lea since 2001 and he has always sailed a nice Junebug that he built. This year he decided he wanted something a little bigger.

What better way to start off the new year than with a set of free plans for a neat little rowing/sailing dink? Reinier Scheele was kind enough to share his with us.


Introducing Toter
Ken Simpson has designed a very clever little dinghy. This 8 foot oar, paddle or electric powered boat comes apart and nests to fit in a small car's trunk.

Launch Day for the 10ft Nuthatch
Warren Messer has been on a roll lately, launching boat after boat and all his own designs - and he offers the most detailed, colorful plans at a modest cost.

Bufflehead a 21st Century, Solo Cruising Sailing Canoe
Canoe sailing 'caught' Hugh Horton back in the 1980's and and has had him ever since. In this article he gives a brief history of his involvement in the sport.