Around in Ten - The Floating Bear
As if entering the Around in Ten (a race around the world in 10 foot boats) were not enough, Steve Rinker is building a radical new design that flies a series of kites for his effort.

The 2008 Colorado River 100
I attemped this race with Skip one year and it nearly killed me. So I have a special appreciation for what Jeff Jouett went through. He has written a pretty good account too.


First Annual Lake Vista Hoosier Regatta
If you are like the folks pictured on the left, you don't have a clue what a PDRacer is or what one is used for. Dave Gray reports on the latest PDRace, this one in Fishers, Indiana.

Tacking the Dog, Captain Cordelia, Hope and Other Observations from the 17th Annual WoodenBoat Show
Recently, Bob Booth took his "Brouhaha" (which he has written about in these pages) to put on exhibit at the show.

The 14th annual Gunkhole
Last month we posted Steve Chamber's "Wooboto on the Delta", an account of his participation in "Gunkhole 2008". Here is a pictorial essay about the same event from Kim Apel

Embers Watch in The Texas 200
Talk about an adventure: Bill Moffitt built the little boat at the left, hauled it a thousand miles and sailed it in the Texas200 with his son, Paul before it had ever been in the water.

Around in Ten - Why?
Why would anyone want to sail around the world in a ten foot boat? I'm sure there are as many reasons as there are participants. Here are Gilbert van Meel's thoughts.


Wooboto on the Delta
Steve Chambers commissioned Jim Michalak to design Wooboto and built the first one. He did not have much sailing experience but an invitation to Gunkhole 2008 solved that.


The Texas 200 in Pictures - Part 1
A lot of pictures were taken on the Texas200 so I just organized them into a kind of narrative account of the event. I even threw in a few video clips. Tomorrow, Part 2.

The Texas 200 in Pictures - Part 2
If you have a tiny fraction of the pleasure going through these pictures as I did putting them together you should have a pretty good time. Great memories!

Starvation '08
Each spring, Jim Thayer hosts a small boat meet at Starvation Reservoir in Northeastern Utah. As he does most years, Tom Gale took his family and a boat and he sent us this report.


Cedar Key 2008
We did not make it to Cedar Key this year, but fortunately, David Lucas did and he was kind enough to allow us to post a collection of his pictures with a short introduction here.

Moving the Midwest Messabout for 2009
Jim Michalak has been holding his Midwest Messabout for a couple of decades now making it one of the oldest around. But Rob Rohde-Szudy and others are thinking about moving it.


The Sydney Classic & Wooden Boat Festival
I did not make it to Sydney for the show this year and chances are that you didn't make it either. Fortunately for us, Greg Fleming did and he took a lot of pictures.

Debatable Inflatable
The Texas 200 begins today and Kellan Hatch will be there. He originally planned to sail his XCR trimaran but fate stepped in and he had to make some last minute changes to make it

Mahurangi Regatta
Frank Bates, the new owner of Paul Groom's Pathfinder, Varuna is back with another of his great tales of adventure. In this one, Sandra and I play a small part - enjoy.


Beer Can Regatta
Once, many years ago, Bill McKenna organized the first and last beer can regatta in the western hemisphere. The boats were all made of empty beer cans. Here is the unlikely story.

Gary's 2008 EC Report - Part 1
Here is a multimedia treat! Gary Blankenship has written up his account of this year's Everglades Challenge and to spice it up, he has included photos and video clips in the narrative.

Gary's 2008 EC Report - Part 2


2007 Lake Pepin Messabout
Although only started a few years ago, Bill Paxton's Lake Pepin Messabout has become one of the major small boat events in the US. Last year looks like it was the best one yet.


Flathead Lake Wooden Boat Regatta
Last year, Mike Hillis attended a messabout on remote Flathead Lake in Montana. It turned out to be a pretty good one so he filed this report - with some really interesting pictures.


Maryland's First PDRegatta
When John Herr finished his PDRacers, he checked the website and was surprized to find that Eugene Tehansky (pictured at left) had also built one.