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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

The folks at CLC have developed a new downwind sail for kayaks that looks interesting.

Yo sailors,

you just gotta watch this

believe it! Eureka!!!


Oops, I almost forgot to give you the links for the Quinn's Cove photos by John Kohnen.

David Graybeal

Going green by replacing petro-based sports with parking lot sailing and regattas - proven activity based on historic sport of skate sailing on ice.

Check this article in the St Petersburg Times-


I was asked to video some of Slider's details, so I took a shot at it. I wouldn't recommend these as entertainment, unless you're interested in cheap simple boatbuilding, or in archaic rigs. The first video details the system I use to hold down my kick-up rudders, and a couple
of other bits....

... The second is primarily concerned with the rig, and the way the sprit attaches to sail and mast.

Ray Aldridge

An Egytian boat of the pharaohs will be put back tobather in the fasion it was origenaly built. Ceder planks laced togather with hemp rope. Here is a news story.


I have a home made version of this item, and find it very useful.
Take a look :-

Alvan Eames

The 17th Annual Wooden Boat Show recently took place at Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut. CLICK HERE to see the photo gallery from Mystic Seaport.

Bill Prince, Publisher
Classic Yacht Magazine

Here is a great video of a big polynesian type catamaran built by Hans Klarr. Building pictures - sailing video - great music background. Not sure who sent this link.

I needed a hitch for our 93 Eurovan, and looked hither and yon. U-Haul only wanted $425 plus labor. Right. Prices on the internet vary (which still surprises me)but the best price I found was at by a significant margin.

Mike C

The latest issue of Professional Boatbuilder Magazine is available online.

Glen-L WebLetter 103 is available HERE.

The new issue of is online at

Bill Moffett took his Mikesboat home from the Texas200 but he did not retire it. In his blog, he recounts a sail at a local lake (tame stuff for Bill) complete with great pictures and video clips.


Here are some photos of my Mayfly 14 "Scrimp" at Clinton Lake in Illinois...


... And we recently had our Mayfly 14 "Scrimp" on Lake Michigan up at Sleeping Bear Dunes.  It was great, if a little scary.  We always stayed plenty close to shore.  The hardest part was getting off the beach!

Tom Burton

Hi Chuck,

I was wondering if you’ve ever features the US Sailing On-line training site on WebWatch. It’s a great place for newer sailors to learn the language of boats and sailing. I’ve learned a bit myself there.

Tim I

Chuck, I have rescued a wood sailing dinghy and I think it has the potential to become a fun boat to sail and will definitely give me something to do when it is too messy to be out in one of my little fleet.    I have started a blog to record my frustrations and progress.  Please pass this address on to your readers.

Thanks as always,   Gerry Lavoie

I stumbled across a couple of youtube videos showing how Matt's reefing/furling work, and it's a pretty impressive system. Here is "Microcruising Enigma Roller 1"...

... and here is "Microcruising Enigma Roller 2".

Ted Major


Here is a very interesting article about how folks will change their boating habits in light of more expensive fuel.

Chris Ostlind


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