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  • February Letters
  • Building Bentwood
    The idea started with winning the NCAA Men's Basketball bracket! With a few extra bucks to spend I decided to build another boat.

    Total 100% Opposites
    Here are two boats built on the same mold with about 200 years difference in technique and materials. One is the most beautiful boat I have ever seen and the other, we'll see.

    Mark Steele’s Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

  • February Splash

  • Development of a Table of Offsets - Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Style Junk Pelican - Using FreeShip Ship Design Software

    Development of a Table of Offsets - Super Pelican
    The table of offsets development for the 18' Super Pelican from the 16' Great Pelican.

  • February Reports

  • Paddle, Kayak Style
    The design goal for this paddle was to develop a low cost, easy to make, adaptable paddle for a kayak, canoe or any other small boat that requires manual propulsion.

    Everglades Skiff
    The Cortez Maritime Museum has a mandate to build traditional Florida boats. Here's one I haven't seen there yet, the Everglades skiff.

    Story of a New Design
    As open water voyages go, a sixty-eight kilometer round-trip does not sound like a long way to travel. After the trip though, Ross' thoughts turned to a bigger boat.

  • February Treasure Chest

  • A Trip in Canada - Part Two
    Watertown NY to Mackinac Island MI Entering Ontario Provence was another culture shock. All things French, including language, abruptly disappeared.

    A Trip in Canada - Part One
    I relaunched April 29, in Tarrytown on the Hudson, where I pulled her for a refit last August. Had a lovely run up the Hudson, the Champlain Canal, and Lake Champlain to Burlington VT.

    Cruising and Bruising
    That made me to think, what kind of cruiser could ply the Texas coast today...?

  • February Webwatch
  • Building the Mary Rose
    I thought you might like to see a few pictures of my build of a Cinderella canoe designed by Gavin Atkin's.

    New Column: Mike's Maritime Meanderings - Tooling Up
    Mike takes a look at the tools required, and the quality, to build a boat.

    Notes From the Boat Palace: The Challenge: Finished or DNF?
    Look at the Challenge results from any year for WaterTribe and you will see those words after a name... DNF- Did not Finish. Jackies answers why.

    "All boat design is a compromise" – Rubbish
    But I was (and am still) in love with beautiful boats. Was it possible to create simple ply boats that just "look right" on the water?

    Mast Tabernacles ... Almost … and other rigging improvements on a Bolger Light Schooner
    Easy rigging means more time on the water. This is how Rob does it.