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Book Review: Big Water Little Boats
I met author Tom Martin on a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.

Homemade Wood Stove For a Small Boat
Out here on the 'Wet' Coast, specifically in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, keeping the cabin of your boat warm and toasty makes for a better boating experience.

Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • September Splash

  • A Pursuit of Happiness
    I was talking with a friend recently about our weakness for messing about, and we both struck on the same thought like a tuning fork. It has to do with readiness, I think.

    18 (Small) Scows - Part 1
    I started building 4’ x 8’ scows not long after I built my first Cartopper in 1996.


  • October Reports

  • Middle Age Crazy! Or Just Nutz?
    I've always had a desire to seek adventure. I think most of us do.

    The Keuka Whaler - Part Nine
    The oars are done and oarlocks installed. I can tell you in retrospect that the elegant serving (rope work) on the oar locks did not protect the wood.


  • October Treasure Chest

  • Special Report: OBX130 2012

    Bowdidge Marine Designs Monthly News
    The lastest news from Mark Bowdidge.

    Rejuvenation of an Old Sloop
    Thought you might be interested in my most recent boat make-over project.

    Simplicating, and Adding Lightness
    You see, it's like this. Lady Bug and I have been shipmates for 5 or 6 years now.

    Volare – The Story So Far
    I started Googleing 'boat plans' and, as one does, came across this site.


  • October Webwatch

  • Classic Ship Construction Notes - Part Four
    Four Interior Details Keelsons, Clamps, Ceiling, Pointers and Bulkheads.

    EC 2012
    Thump. Splash. Splat. Those sounds are etched in my memory, the dominant audible imprint from the 2012 Everglades Challenge.

    Valora Comes Home
    I planned to load Valora early Saturday morning and be home late Saturday night. Well that did work out as planned because Schubert's is closed Saturday and Sunday. Somehow I misunderstood.

    Star Clipper
    I enjoy details of other DIY projects and reports of how they sail, but for me it is always refreshing when someone comes up with a new aspect of sailing for a Duckworks article.

    Scenes from the Dink 2012
    After 14 years of winter cruising hundreds of miles around Florida and across the Bahamas, we realized that what kept us coming back was seeing old friends and meeting new ones.