Morning Paddle
If you had been paddling on the White River on a certain day, you would have seen what Jose Joven saw. You probably weren't but he had a camera.

A Sail with Barrett
Owen Sinclair did not have to travel half-way around the world to sail in a Navigaror, after all, he has one of his own. That is exactly what he did, though.

Rhine Kanuen - Part II
When Brian Anderson took a break from his Mr. Mom and writing jobs, he didn't mess around. He paddled 35 miles down the Rhine River to Cologne, Germany.

Chuggerboat Trip - November 2005
Chuggerboat was inspired by a comment Pat Johnson's dad made about kayaking down the Yukon River while they were fishing the Prudhoe Bay Pipeline Road.


A SkiffAmerica 20 Out West
The American West is full of scenery that is easy on the eyes. Kilburn Adams' SkiffAmerica 20 is easy on the eyes too. Here are some pictures of both.

Michalak Boats on the San Juan
This past June, we took two of our homemade boats down the San Juan River in southern Utah. Most folks take plastic boats, but we did just fine.

PDR Voyage Distance Record
Since PDRacer builders are scattered around the world, Shorty has come up with ways for them to compete without leaving town.

Lignumvitae Key
Gary Blankenship and Helen Snell spent a day of their vacation searching for the elusive Lignum Vitae. At least they found a few sharks.


San Juan Jitters
Our son Joe went with us on our recent San Juan River trip. He was a little less confident than he let on - at least at first.

Old Boating Blogs...
Bryan Lowe happened to read an old boating blog and thought it might be worth posting here - with a little update. I agree. I think you will too.

Sea Biscuit - The Saga Continues
Finally Harley gets to tell his side of the story of the premature end of his around the world effort. It seems things were not as we thought.


Sea Biscuit Position Report - Voyage Aborted!
Ken has sent news that will surprise some and dissappoint many. Harley is packing it in. Read the latest and see how you can help.

Llano River Paddle
The way Sandra tells this story it sounds like I am a tyrant and we never get along. Don't read this story if you don't like to see other folks dirty laundry.

A Boys' Weekend of Sailing and Fishing
I'll admit that when Garth Battista set out to build Jim Michalak's 32' Cormorant, I wondered if it would be too big to get much use. I should not have worried.

Not All Boats in Venice Are Gondolas
Luckily for us, Chris Partridge travels a bit and carries a camera. Even more luckily, he files reports like this one for our vicarious enjoyment.


Vireo Testing... and Repairs
How often have you taken a brand new boat to the lake and it ended up needing repairs? Chris Hill tells us what happened and what he did about it.

An Introduction to Navigator
Wondering what your next boat building project will be? Read Charlie Whipple's acount of a day sailing John Leathwick's Navigator and you may be sold.


Interview with a Dreamer
Not long ago we published an article about Harley Harlson and his pending record-breaking circumnavigation. Now read our interview.

Mosquito Coast Adventure
Here is a tale that will get your blood pumping. Bob Means has built boats all over the world and he has been in some tight places too.

Lee and Katie Martin are active boaters. Recently they visited the west coast of Mexico and send this report. There is good, practical information here.


Impossible Dream
Who among us has not dreamed of sailing around the world? Harley Harlson is way past dreaming - he has a boat and is ready to cast off.

Impossible Dream Photo Album
A nice collection of construction photos of Harley Harlson's "Sea Biscuit" - the 8 ft boat he intends to sail around the world.

Small Boats in Thailand and Bali
Patrick Stewart gets around a bit and fortunately for us he takes his camera and points it at interesting boats that he sees.


Around Cape Scott - June 2005
When you get a chance to cruise the northern part of Vancouver Island, you don't worry whether the boat is home made or not. At least Jamie Orr didn't.

Savannah to Charleston 2005
Here is the story of the cruise that convinced "Woody" Norwood to organize this year's Rally for Classic Boats.

Queen Mary II
On first of October 2005 the Queen Mary II left Quebec City, Canada. Here are few pictures taken from Fred Shooner's AF4.


Time on the River
Brian Anderson lives in Cologne, Germany now, but he grew up in Youngstown, Ohio and always wanted to paddle a certain section of the Mahoning River.

Open Boat Weekend...
Sometimes what you think is going to be an idyllic weekend of sailing takes a turn for the worse. Read Richard Whitney's report on just such an outing.

Membership has its privileges…
How would you like to take a ride in a steamboat through San Diego Harbor? Scott Calman did and he filed this report:


A Mother and her Children on the Bear River
Some folks just live right. Can you imagine having a pristine boating area right at your back doorstep? Jack Hicks decribes the Gale's home port.


The Drascombe in Mississippi
Long before the recent hurricanes, Frank San Miguel got to take a dream cruise along the coast that is now drastically changed. Here is his story.

Sad to say it is usually huge and expensive mistakes are sometimes the best learning experiences. Lee Martin relates something he learned here.

Of Mice and Boys - Part 2
Kellan Hatch and his two sons built a couple of Mouse boats. This is a report on how they perform and all the places they went last summer.

A Jumbo Trip to Lake Powell
Kevin Beddoe took his family and their new Tolman Jumbo to Lake Powell for a week and sent these great pictures. They seem to have had a great time.

Adventures of Blue Canoe
Did you ever take a kid out in a boat and then discover he was too young to really appreciate the experience? Dirtsailor has.


Peter Page lives in Australia but his roots are in Ireland. Recently he made a trip there and sent us a few photos of the native Currachs.

Isla Mujeres
Here is another of Lee Martin's vignettes from his extensive cruising experiences. This time he and Katie sail to Mexico in their F-27 trimaran.