A Few Short Trips
Fortunately for us, Brian Anderson was looking through his photos and found enough to make a composite article about some river paddling trips in Europe

The Waterdog in Canada
When Craig Holm sent us his article about building an Oughtred Grey Seal, I asked him to write something about some of their voyages. Here is the result.


North Carolina Circumnavigation
Steve Earley has been out cruising in his Pathfinder again and taking lots of pictures. We are including a bonus Google Earth view of his track & high points.

North Carolina Cruise Photo Album
If you like great photographs of beautiful boats, you will like these pictures Steve Earley took recently. It is a fine example of what we call "boat porn".

Skin-on-Frame Kayaks on the Mississippi River
Joel Fleischer of Black Dog Kayaks not only built the kayaks that Kayak4AKure used to paddle the entire river, he got to go along for the first stage too.

Cormorant & Vole at Cape Cod
In this vacation pictorial, Garth Battista makes the case that a shallow draft boat like his "Sea Fever" is the ultimate cruiser. He might just be right.


Things of a Traditional Nature
Almost 20 years ago, Roy McBride set off from Capetown, South Africa in aboard a 37 foot yacht to meet his young family in Brazil. Here is their story.

Flint on the Water
It's always good when a new design lives up to expectations. Flint, a new design from Ross Lillistone, was taken to the lake and photographs were made.

Admiral Dingy Attacked by Vampires
Well, Admiral Dingy has begun his circumnavigation of the world in his tiny, orange boat by circumnavigating Sabine Lake. It sounds as if this will be entertaining.


Pathfinder in Tangier Sound
If you have a boat half done, This story from Steve Earley, with sunsets, a bit of rough weather, good food and glorious sailing is just what you need.

A River Runs Through
Grahame Harris lives near the banks of New Zealand's longest river and he often takes his John Welsford designed Truant (Truantsea) cruising there.

Finally, Another Boater
When you are well into a boat building project and still have a way to go like Bob Throne, it is really nice to get to take a ride on someone else's homebuilt boat.


A Trip to Pittsburgh
Like any big city with a body of water, Pittsburgh has quite a variety of boats. Sometimes you have to be a tourist like Peter Vanderwaart was to see them.

Sailing the Goat Island Skiff
It's been more than a few years since Michael Storer designed the Goat Island Skiff - enough time to know that this boat will be built for many years to come.


Overnight - River Boat Style
Did you ever dream of piloting your own paddlewheeler on a river cruise? That is exactly what Curtis Pack, his father and son did recently. Here is their story.


Up the ‘Pokai’ in TruantSea
With his wife, Grahame Harris take TruantSea on a trip to the scene of New Zealand boyhood adventures - and finds it just as compelling as he remembered.


OZ PDRacer Speed Record
What do you do when you have taken your new boat to a major show and there is too much wind for anyone to sail? Michael Storer set a new record.

Dive, Dive, Dive!
Not too many boat builders choose to write about a boat trip that ends with the boat swamped and the builder soaked. Fortunately for us Larry Pullon does!


A Cruise on Lake Tarawera
Have you ever dreamed of cruising a mountain lake ringed with hot springs? Grahame Harris cruised on just such a lake in his navive New Zealand.


Jackrabbit Cruises the Baskatong
Burton Blais built a John Welsford Houdini and cruises it in and around Ontario. This is a pictorial essay with commentary compiled from several such trips.

The Pukaskwa Coast, July 10-21, 2006
I have to say that this is one of the best adventure stories we have ever published. Jose Joven has done a great job of making us feel we were there.


Carping the Diem with Capt. Ron
Whether he is waxing poetic or philosophical, Stacy Smith sure has a way with words. He makes a day fishing with a friend seem like a two week vacation.

White River Arkansas Outing
Larry Pullon and his brother were planning a camping fishing trip on the Buffalo and White rivers. Their plans did not work out exactly, but they had a great trip!

Largest Fish Caught From a PDRacer
This story from David "Shorty" Routh is more of a heart-warming father/daughter fishing story than it is a world Record trophy fishing expedition account.


Cruising with Yuko
There must be something special about Barrett Faneuf's Navigator "Yuko". Mark Delbrueck's photo essay is the second piece on it in a month.

Pathfinder in Ocracoke
With the combination of the seaworthy and beautiful Pathfinder and the wonderful sheltered water of Ocracoke bay, you realize Steve Early is a lucky man.

Paradox Enuf Launched
And sold. Yes, this is a story with a sad ending. In his usual entertaining way, Derek Clark tells the rest of the story about his Paradox Project.

Piccup Pram Trip Report
The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to cruise and John Guppy made good use of his Piccup Pram to explore a good chunk of it.