Puddleduck Racers, World Championships 2009, Allatoona, Georgia

Where The Wind Blows

Classic Boats on White Rock
The Wooden Boat Association of North Texas held an event which brought many of their member’s classic motorboats to the lake. Paul is your eyes and ears.

Building Versus Sailing
Paul brings up a question that raises guilt in some builders. Some spend time building, but don't really want to sail much. Others can't wait to sail. The answer...

Bigfoot Made Me Do It!
We get inspiration for boatbuilding from all sorts of things. Written with a great sense of humor, this boat and story was inspired by Bigfoot.

Shallow Water Salvage
We have all done it. We have dropped something in the drink while sailing. Rob puts a lot of thought into getting it back. It was his new GPS.


Where Do You Build?
You want to build a boat, but where. In this survey there are some creative solutions to the problem.

Where the Winds Blow...
An exciting Open 70 Volvo Class boat, Victor sailing models, Don Brown’s Dolfyn and a masterpiece of the Maltese Falcon!

Ross discusses his favorite boat and explains the evolution of Periwinkle.

The Messed up Messabout
Here's a walk down the lighter side or is it the dark side. Paul Austin brings us a comical look at a messabout.

Outdoor Winter Boat Storage
We've all had problems covering out boats with tarps. Here's a nifty solution to the problem that keeps all those leaves and berries out.


Could you get off that Island?
This is a lot of fun. What would you take to get off an Island? Jackie asks our boatbuilding friends this very question.

Where the Winds Blow...
This time we go from nautical art to model boats that are works of art in themselves. Mark Steele presents some real masterpieces in this issue.

Boats Way Too Fancy
The boatbuilders sit for a chat. Someone raises the ugly issue that some boats are unnecessarily fancy. The discussion almost gets nasty, but a point is made.

Pride in Our Builds
You built a boat and you're proud of it. While parked a person comes up and asks if you built it, as they usally do. We like that. It makes us feel good, but not always. Here's Paul Boyer.

Museum Tall Ship Exhibits
There is nothing like a museum tour to get me excited about boats all over again. I'll bet you are the same way. In his monthly column, Paul Austin talks about two of his favorites.

Tales of Terribly Tall Trailers and Widening With Welding - Part 2
Can your believe that Rob Rohde-Szudy has been with us for four years? All you boat builders and do-it-yourselfers lift a glass to Rob's milestone. How about another four, Rob?


Where The Wind Blows
Mark Steele, our model sailboat `writer at large’ brings another collection of `little yacht’ news from here and there, often from surprising places.

After a long hiatus, we have more poetry for those of you who like poetry. Tim Ferguson, after a particularly "interesting" cruise in a Cape Dory Typhoon, was moved to pen these lines.

Boat Widows
Jackie Monies has been a boat widow her entire married life. But considering today is her and Mike's 43 wedding anniversary, it must not have been too bad. Here is her story.

Tall Ship
Who doesn't like to dream about boats yet to be made? In his monthly column, Paul Austin takes you into his dream of building a not so tall ship - but with all the bells and whistles.

Pete Stevenson
Not everyone who builds a boat is moved to interview the designer. But Paul Boyer was and he explains his motives this way: "He's the Creator. Without Pete, I wouldn't have a boat."

The Story of the "Gimbled Stove"
Last week, Ross Lillistone talked about avoiding "unreasonable boat desire". Now Harold Duffield takes on the same general subject but addresses it in a whole different way.

Tales of Terribly Tall Trailers and Widening With Welding
Last month Rob Rohde-Szudy got us started with "Welding 101". Now we get to put those skills to work making that bargain second hand trailer fit the boat we just built.


Unreasonable Boat Desire
If anyone can convince you that you should avoid Bigger Boat Fever, it is probably Ross Lillistone. After all, he has designed, built and sailed a raft of small boats and should know.

Where The Wind Blows
It is not what  model sailboaters sail, rather that they do sail that makes the hobby both varied and exciting. In addition to modeling this interesting hat, Mark Steele gives a full report.

Lessons from America
There is no doubt that boats today look different than they did 250 years ago. They work differently too. In this month's column, Paul Austin looks at some aspects of boat design.

Book Review: "The Sharpie Book"
Today is a twofer. Suffice it to say I sort of lost track of this piece by Bill Moffitt and need to shoehorn it in here. But this is no fluff piece. There is good information and a lesson learned.

What is Boatbuilding
Most folks come to boatbuilding without really knowing what it is. Paul Boyer is one. But he is learning fast and better yet putting down what he has learned in a most eloquient manner.

Welding 101
If you are like me you have an old welder in the garage but you don't feel competent enough to use it. Well, read Rob Rohde-Szudy's lesson and you will be welding in 15 minutes.


The Big Lebowski - Slimed
We are taking the unsual action of printing two letters from Ed Einhorn in which he reports some even more unusual actions by person or persons unknown. Ed thinks he knows who it is.

It May Change Your Life...
In this essay, Ross Lillistone takes careful aim at misinformation, particularly on the internet. I guess it is not surprising that he originally wrote this for a print magazine.

Where The Wind Blows
There seems to be a very wide spectrum of model sailing boats and the ways that they are used, and where  they brighten peoples lives as Mark Steele reveals.

Remembering Phil Bolger
Gary Blankenship probably knew Phil Bolger as well as anyone who contributes to this site so it is only fitting that he would put his memories of the man down for the rest of us admirers.

Why Be Timid and Conventional?
Today we have a treat: The inaugural column by Paul Boyer. Paul will be writing monthly from a beginner's perspective in a feature called: "Confessions of a Novice Boat Builder".

Lateen is Keen
Sometimes Paul Austin is "Out There" but sometimes he is down to earth - as in this discussion of types of sails. From the title you may be able to deduct that he favors Lateen sails.

Aluminum Casting Part 3 - Casting Other Metals
In this final installment of Rob Rohde-Szudy's series on Aluminum casting, he talks about casting other metals, specifically Iron. Who knew there were amateur iron molders?


Swirly World, some place sometime long ago, a schooner called Martha and the model boats of Andreas Gondesen
Mark Steele takes another monthly dive into the waters` of the world of model sailing boats’.

The Eggnoggin School
This is the first of what I hope are many regular columns by Paul Austin. Paul writes both technical articles as well as whimsical fiction. This time it is definitely one of the latter.

Aluminum Casting - Part 2
In the second part of Rob Rohde-Szudy's series on Aluminum casting, he finishes the project he started last month. The basics are certainly there for you to do your own metal casting.


A kind of model Bluenose encounter, Ron Scobie marine artist, some funning, and that lady legend of a yacht, Ragtime!
Mark Steele, our model sailboat `writer at large’ brings another collection of `little yacht’ news from here and there, often from surprising places.

K.G. Woozle
I dare anyone to read this story all the way through with a dry eye. Ed Einhorn has has put more feeling in 749 words than anything I can remember publishing in these pages.

Aluminum Casting - Part 1
In spite of his opening salvo (aimed at yours truly), I think Rob Rohde-Szudy enjoyed writing this article about casting metal parts. Besides, that is why we pay him the big bucks.


Misfortune for Resolution, a Tortola sloop, bugs and ducks, and 'One for the ready Two for the Go!'
It is not what model sailboaters sail, rather that they do sail that makes the hobby both varied and exciting. Mark Steele

Solid as a Rock That Boat!
Do you dream of building a boat and sailing around the world? Harrold Duffield did. Did he sail around the world? No. Did he realize his dream? Yes. To understand, read his story.

Old Carburetor Tricks
Rob Rohde-Szudy's column this month has three parts. First an interesting history lesson on outboard motors, then a section on repairing them and finally an admonition on your health.


Nev’s Ann Louise tames a big sea, the enviable Southwold family regatta, Summer Winers and photos `up close, low and personal!’
There seems to be a very wide spectrum of model sailing boats and the ways that they are used, and where  they brighten peoples lives as Mark Steele reveals.

Contemplating Herreshoff
Many before Paul Austin have come under the spell of the liines of Herreshoff's Haven 12-1/2 and many have dreamed of building one in plywood. Here Paul talks about his ideas.

Mahurangi Regatta 2009
Has it been a year since I was at Mahurangi, sailing on Varuna, watching the tall boats glide by? John Welsford's report on this years Regatta sure does bring back wonderful memories!

More Pictures from Mahurangi
Mahurangi has been holding their traditional Regatta for well over a century. Some of the boats are that old and some just look that way. More pictures from John Welsford's camera.

Cheap Knives and Neck Sheaths
This month, we get a twofer from Rob Rohde-Szudy. He not only shows us how to make a cheap boat knife, he also shows us how to make a neck sheath so that we can actually use it.


Buy, Don't Build
John Bartlett's words will sound a little surprising, coming from someone who, by his own account, has built 20 boats (I think he is being modest), but he makes a point, so pay attention.

Many Britannia’s, multi-hulling, a schooner called Trinovante and a writer still voyaging on the `sea of time’. - Mark Steele takes another monthly dive into the waters` of the world of model sailing boats’.

Stealing a Herreshoff
When Paul Austin sent me this piece he described it as humor. But that does not really cover it. Other adjectives that come to mind include whimsical and wacky. But it is a good read.

I am always amazed at the cleverness, common sense, thoroughness and humor that Rob Rohde-Szudy brings to his monthly columns. Even if you don't need a pushpole, read this.


Of model shipwrights and just sailors of model yachts, and sometimes the twain doth meet!
Mark Steele's wonderful monthly potpouri of model boat news.

Kincrome 90mm Block Plane
Tools are expensive - so we are always looking for bargains. In this timely article, John Welsford shows you how a few simple steps can make a cheap block plane much more useful.

Tool Review: Alinghi Sailing Knife by Wenger
If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the sailor who has everything, Chris Ostlind has a suggestion. This sailing knife by the Swiss Army Knife folks is loaded with quality.

Homemade Anchors for Weedy Bottoms
It can be difficult to anchor on a shallow, weedy bottom, as Rob Rohde-Szudy knows too well. Having made his own anchors before he came up with one that works well in weeds.