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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

Chuck, I have two new articles up on my website - one is how to make a stick trailer...

... the other is How to Combine a Hargor Freight 4x8 trailer with their Boat Trailer.


I found this video from an old television piece on David Nichols. Nicely done

Some new stuff from Guy Capra concerning his Scullmatix

Well the New York Times is in on the act now:

In 260-Mile Texas Water Safari, Surviving Is Reward Enough

Interesting read - Brian

At long last!

Fern Ridge Messabout Photos

John K

We have just added a new Video section to the website with over 200 online streaming videos, DVDs, and CD-ROMs! We feel these are great resources for novice and experienced do-it-yourselfers alike, and many videos are FREE!


By all accounts, this year's Texas200 was a great success. Here is a page with links to all sorts of pictures, videos, and great stories...

Perttu in Finland just sailed his new PDRacer for the first time.

"I ordered OzPdracer plans one and half year since and star building it about in same time. Yesterday I finished it - maby the slowest time to build one?, but I like to do it slowly."

"Some of my frend have suspicons, that boat like that wont work. I haven´t doubt it. It works!"

"Sailing myself - it just flies - so fun boat!"

Michael Storer

A nice couple of Pictures of a GIS sailing on Barton Broad in the UK during a get together of wooden boats.

Michael Storer

Some discussion of the passing of Phil Bolger on the WoodenBoat Forum

The latest issue of Classic Yacht Magazine online

this is interesting...

Erin S

Glen-L Webletter 113

Dear Chuck,

Your readers may enjoy some boat porn from the waters of New Zealand. I've put a page link to `Ragtimes' visit to home waters.

Paul Gilbert.
Dear Sailing Friends, Many of you have asked to be notified when the plans for RebelCat 5 become available. Others have asked to see photos of it. If you have not already seen the video of RebelCat 5 on YouTube, you can see it here:

Martin Adams

Here are a few videos from Gary Blankenship from the recent Florida 120. This first one shows Olivier Chamel steering Bill Moffitt's Ember's Watch...

... this video shows a scan of the beach at the end of day 2...

... and this one shows the motorboat chop on day 3...

... and beating up Perdido Bay on day 1.

This is my father's boat, the Anna-Olivia: It is heavily influenced by the PT boats. It is rock solid with that deep V bow.
It gets heavily used on the Atlantic at the Dutch / Belgian coast, including canal passages to the UK. No hernias from pounding and we get some nasty short steep chop around there...

Chuck and Sandra, The color photographs HERE date from 1900-1918 or so, and were taken by a Russian chemist who had developed a three-camera method for taking such photographs. They are startlingly clear and immediate.   One of them dates from the time of Peter the Great


Hello Chuck and Sandra,

I think I've estalished the right boating formula for myself. I've decided to stay with two boats: The Jim Michalak designed Robote called "Flaneuse" here in Warsaw...

... and Graham Byrne's Bay River Skiff 17 called "Doppio" up there at the Baltic seaside marina. I can get there by car or night train and rig her in 30 minutes. Once a year, I tow her to Finland.

And I'm reading Duckworks magazine every day :-)


Dear friends
As a regular reader of your website I must thank you for all the useful information posted there.
I'm building a Paradox (Matt Layden Design) in the city of Rawson (43º 21' S, 65º 03' W) Chubut, Argentina. This will be the world's southernmost Paradox.
Kind regards

Hi, Chuck,

I'd appreciate it very much if you would plant a link to my "3 Years of the Boat" blog on Duckworks magazine. It's an illustrated blog about building my 19' Devlin Winter Wren, touching on boatbuilding technique, innovations, and character development. Many thanks.

Larry Cheek - Whidbey Island, Washington

For those of you who might be interested, there are now two monster multihulls getting ready to stage their titanic duke-out for the America's Cup Trophy. Maybe you've already seen the remarkable trimaran of BMW/Oracle that is berthed in San Diego. (Photo Album Here)...

Well, the boys in Switzerland have just introduced their own boat in answer
to the Challenge put forward by Larry Ellison's team at BMWO. You can read a short entry regarding the new boat or look at pictures.

Chris Ostlind

If you are interested in Proas, the Second Annual Texas Proa Championships is coming up in October. Details HERE

News story of a dramatic and unusual river rescue:

"Woman pulled from Des Moines River in dramatic rescue: Husband drowns"

Well, now that I'm back from a very relaxing vacation, I have managed to get
my act together and update my site with the latest stuff from the Greek
builders, who are in the middle of constructing my 21' Gato Especial
cruising catamaran.

Chris Ostlind

Quite an amazing photo and the yacht was retrieved with little damage.


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