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I've posted a new video at my site on testing the prototype "Beta, pre-production" version of the Electric Paddle. Joe showed me several things that will be changed in the final model.


Looks like a noted designer has reinvented the lugsail. He goes on to exclaim how his "new" rig offers outstanding benefits like easy tacks and gybes and how much better the airflow is on the main when it is not behind the mast in the turbulence. I guess the offset arm is what yields all those benefits.


Perhaps you are not into the idea of lengthy paddling expeditions at all. Whatever your take on the whole thing, this is one outrageous accomplishment, however you cut it.

Chris Ostlind

I really enjoy Duckworks - it helps to keep the dreams alive. Thanks.

While roaming the 'net recently, I came across this piece of art. I think you might get a kick out of the idea of building a model - at 1:1 scale!

Enjoy! Paul Windt

They're not very good (phone camera). But this is a skin on frame baidarka (18 ft; 22" Beam) and a 16 ft version of A Gary Dierking wa'apa. The sail is a junk rig.


Google books has all of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics online.

Mike John

Tim Severin in the Brendan.


We've developed a new kind of self-contained portable electric drive system which is the first electric motor system optimized for portable boats. We call it the Electric Paddle and we’re proud to start offering it Q1, 2010.

Joe Grez

Great Video...

Cruzing for chicks in 2010 you need a special car !!

Elton Bennett

Here is the link to my instructions for modifying canoes for rowing. Hope you can use it.


A thread on the WB Forum talks about how nice these seats are. Older rear ends such as mine appreciate such things! I'm considering ordering one if I can buy it online.


Uncle John has a new design out called the Bayou Skiff. Check it out at

Ken Abrahams

Building a Goat Island Skiff.

Bruce Taylor

I don't know if this has come across your transom yet. A fascinating article about a fella living on board a canoe.


Sailing Tin canoes...


I placed an order with you last week for some supplies for the CS17 that my friend and I are building. Randy's blog is located here:


Here's a site I found useful. If the author seems a little shrill, remember his point that, even small risks should be taken seriously when the consequences can be so serious. I remember being surprised when I first learned that you can develop hypothermia in our southern New England waters even in the summer time. Jeff Michals-Brown

Michael Storer took these pictures of the new year's fireworks display in Sydney Harbor. The only boat connection is Michael himself (seen in the first picture in the elevator mirror), but that does it for me.

[Nice Shot Michael...]


Oops, I did it again.

Andrew Linn

Hello friends,

It requires less. In a few days we'll be launching the "Cachivache" (Spanish) [Translated Here]

Rawson Chubut, Patagonia Argentina

Recycled boat part 26. The full story can be seen on or

Must put some fuel in the tank next time. Stewart Strik

Latest Update From Glen-L




There are more entries in the 'Project' and 'How To' indexes and I am still working on them. To see what is there so far visit - project index and how to index.

Mike John

Originally, the weekend after Turkey Day (2009) was planned to be a gathering of Laguna people, with Mike Monies and Jackie bringing down their just-built LagunaDos, with Chuck and Sandra and John Wright meeting up with us.

Sarah and Daddy (Gordo)

I'd like to welcome you to enjoy the January/February 2010 issue of Classic Yacht by clicking here. We've got great video of legendary naval architect and boatbuilder Bill Garden in his island boat shop. And don't miss our visit to the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York. There's more. From the impeccably restored Sparkman & Stephens yawl Skylark to a fast, classic Huckins motoryacht with Rolls-Royce waterjet drives, we span the globe to bring you the finest boats afloat.

Bill Prince, Publisher
Classic Yacht magazine

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A blog about harley harlson - brings back memories.


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