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  • November Letters

  • Eastern Messabout 2011 - Part 3
    OK ... so by now I realize pictures are better and easier than words.

    A Trip in Canada - Part Six
    Stage 10: Philadelphia, The Raritan River, NY Harbor, Montauk L. I., Watch Hill R. I., Hartford Ct., New York, Home. This trip is done.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

  • Novenber Splash

  • Designing and Building a Sailing Kayak - Part 1
    Here's my sailing kayak, after the first time out under sail the other day.

    Eastern Messabout 2011 - Part 2
    After a nights sleep and a quick breakfast & cup of coffee at the campsite, Steve and I drove the 5 - 6 minutes down to the beach to find Norm Wolfe already back and reporting a quiet night at Cabin John Creek.

  • November Reports

  • The Everglades Challenge - Part Two
    It seemed an eternity, but we finally passed Stump Pass shortly after dawn and began the slog to Gasparilla Inlet...

    The Everglades Challenge - Part One
    It turned out to be an abbreviated Everglades Challenge this year for Oaracle and her crew, but its brevity didn't mean any lack of excitement.

  • November Treasure Chest

  • Jim Michalak's Newsletter
    We are big fans of Jim Michalak's designs and like to let you know when there is a new issue of his newsletter.

    Eastern Messabout 2011 - Part 1
    June 3-4-5 at Elk Neck State Park, MD, "Rogues Harbor", saw three days of sailing, talking boats, and making friends ... with good weather & winds, too.

    Valora's Log - A New Column by David Nichols
    I had always built my own boats because by designing and building the boat I got exactly what I wanted. So the decision to buy a boat was a new one. Let me say this was a decision I didn't arrive at easily.

    Building the ULTRA-PRAM, Metric - Part Two
    The Ultra Pram Continued from yesterday ...

    Building the ULTRA-PRAM, Metric - Part One
    Late in 2010 Michael bought plans for the Ultra Pram, an all purpose transportable, ideally suited for small family boating because of its excellent freeboard and safety buoyancy compartments.

  • November Webwatch

  • McKay and His Clippers
    Donald McKay is the man who stood between the 1812 frigates of Joshua Humphreys and the 1880s yachts of Nathaniel Herreshoff.

    Life with the AF4
    To me, one of the most pleasurable aspects of building a boat is selecting the design.

    Making a Built-in Cooler - A How-Not-to Guide
    I find myself frustrated with coolers: they take up too much of my boat's best real estate, OR are too small or poorly insulated to keep my crew of three happy for a long warm weekend.

    Night Sail
    A 10-knot breeze moved Le Dulci-mer over a gentle chop on a moonless, cloudless night.

    Boat Dolly for Solo Car Topping
    It seems pointless to me to own a boat that can be car topped and that is primarily sailed solo but cannot be transported to the launch point without help.