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  • February Letters

  • Modern Industrail Blacksmith
    Mr. Czub liked the fact that I had enough respect for his knowledge and MYSELF to dress up in a suit. They hired me immediately.

    Gill 12 Tugboat - Part Two
    Now we find Him hunched over the hull with resounding grunts and expletives slicing the air. OOH, my back he exclaims! Why did I start this?

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • February Splash

  • A New Cargo Ship
    This outlines a radically new idea in ship travel! Yes, it is not for everyone...

    A Little Bit Bigger Dinghy
    I became enamored with sailboats and sailing during the years our family lived in Maryland.

    Capsize Testing
    Last summer I attended Howard Rice's Small Craft Skills Academy. One of the many aspects of sailing covered was capsize recovery.


  • February Reports

  • Balance Lug - Rigging Details
    If you are looking for a super-simple rig which is effective on all points of sail, and which can be put together with the absolute minimum of fittings, the Balance Lug could be for you.

    2012 Eastern Messabout
    It was a dark and stormy night. At least it was the Friday night of the 2012 Eastern Messabout held at Elk Neck State Park south of the town of North East, Maryland June 1-3.

    Kayak Train
    I have to admit that this particular "train" was a little extreme.


  • February Treasure Chest

  • "Around Alone"? Mississippi Barrier Island trip
    I had been thinking about the Barrier Island trip for a couple years.

    Sailing in Ghost Wind
    At some point, most of us have experienced too much wind, or a nice day of sailing, .... and then NOTHING... NO WIND, anywhere...


  • February Webwatch

  • K. O. T. W. s European Odyssey - Part 2
    At 9:30 in the morning, I'm contemplating a big jump South to the German border as the rains have finally stopped and the winds appear to be abating.

    K. O. T. W. s European Odyssey - Part 1
    Kiss of the Wolf* (KOTW) was built in 2008 in a Nazareth PA backyard.

    Lofting Today - Part One
    Now as to, 'Why loft?' Although many boats are built without real lofting, even the best designers have made mistakes on their plans.

    Sailing at Ft DeSoto
    We had so much fun sailing at Ft DeSoto two weeks ago that we did it again and after hearing how great this place is some new boats came along .

    Texas 200 - Part Two
    The 200 is a five-day, 40 mile a day event. 40 miles is a long way to sail at 4 or 5 miles per hour.

    Texas 200 - Part One
    During the fall of 2011 I read several mentions of the Texas 200 in one or the other of the sailing publications that I receive...

    Sea Bee 13 Skin-On-Frame Kayak Build
    I recently built a skin-on-frame Sea Bee 13 kayak from Tom Yost's plans.