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  • September Letters

  • Reasons for Building a Boat
    Reasons for building a boat - Part Three - Sometimes it's not about the boat.

    Poke About XL and Water Spouts
    Greg Marston, a builder of the POKE ABOUT XL, has submitted an article that is unusual, to say the least, and lived to tell the story.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • September Splash

  • Multi-Skiff Building - Part Two
    Deciding which boat to build proved to be less difficult than the procurement of the proper materials with which to build her.

    Rigid Wing Sail on a Budget
    Want to have the coolest looking boat on the lake? Show off your high tech building skills with a rigid wing sail that will make any America's Cup fan envious.

    Tolman Mega Jumbo
    I stretched the design limitations a bit, and so used a full 9 inch stringer and 5/8ths bottom. She is a tank.


  • September Reports

  • Cedar Key
    Cedar Key turned out to be great again, everyone ran their boats up on the beach so I did also.

    Multi-Skiff Building - Part One
    With all the traveling I do, or used to do, I've discovered that Darwin's theories may be stretched to include invention and convention.


  • September Treasure Chest

  • Are We Addicted
    About two years ago we built our first boat.

    The 18+2 Electric Moto Craft
    I decided to add this larger version of the Electric Moto Craft to my growing fleet of EMC hulls after a comment and request from one of my YouTube subscribers.


  • September Webwatch

  • Mast Varnish and Running Light
    Steve's giving Chelsea a complete overhaul and took these pictures of her bottom to show why the Whitehalls were such great boats.

    The First Boats
    Think you could paddle 80 miles across an ocean? In a reed boat with no canopy? The men of a Greek island called Melos did.

    Building an Aluminium Trailer - Part Four
    Now in this concluding part of the saga it is time to explore the finishing components and the options for attaching them.

    The Everglades Challenge - 2013 - Pt 5
    I had thought Chuck planned to get a meal and shower at Flamingo, and maybe a short nap before leaving sometime between 11 and noon, but I was wrong.

    About Boys and River Rafts
    Between the ages of eight and eighteen, we attempted to float ourselves upon the waters on a variety of makeshift craft!

    A Model Cheap Canoe
    Looking for a simple canoe to build out of plywood. I stumbled upon the Cheap Canoe from

    A Dinghy Comes to Life - Part Five
    Yes, it's FINALLY painting time.