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Here's a collection of photos from a boating trip undertaken by my friend, Kellan Hatch with my latest design/build project, the new XCR sailing canoe/trimaran just last weekend at Lake Powell in southern Utah.

He split his time between sailing and motoring and found the boat to be comfortable and wonderfully dialed-in for the application.

Naturally, I'm pretty darn pleased.

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Chris Ostlind

A Tortoise and a Stripper

I'm working, albeit slowly, on a cedar strip kayak. I've got strips milled and forms assembled but it's just too bloomin' hot here in the summer to do much work outside! Hopefully, I'll make more progress over the fall/winter months.

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I also built a little Bolger Tortoise just for messin' about and I'm toying with the idea of a Michalak AF3 for some time in the future. A couple of pics are attached.

Oh well. Back to the daily grind... (but dreaming of the sea.)

All the best

Port Townsend

Dear Chuck:

Went up to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival to see what other plywood boat builders were up to. Saw a lot of nice boats and workmanship. I was even recognized by a couple people; and even if the vast majority of people there didn't know who I was, they knew Duckworks Magazine very well.

I did see one boat design that peaked my interest, and it was a VERY traditional boat. The owner said it was a copy of an old style European work boat; and I believe he said the designer was Neal Anderthal.

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Warren Messer
Red Barn Boats


new game for it ....:^)

Submitted by Jack P


Here is what it is going on. When done I'll send in pics and a description for the ezine. It is a WRC strip planked dory.

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Moby Dink


I have been meaning to send these photos for some time now. This Moby Dink was built by my son and I.

Thank you,

Tony Fletcher

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I am finishing my latest sailboat. The boat is a plywood+fibreglass 21 footer of my own design. Its on rather the heavy side (for comfort rather than speed). The rig is to be a balanced lug of about 180 ft sq + 50-60 ft sq jib to help in tight palces.

I made the mast - plywood box +fibreglass. The main is based on the mainsail design for San Francisco Bay Great Pelican = a modified/simplified chinese sail with much less complex running rigging - it seems to work. My mainsail is to have three rigid battens that are to be attached to the mast with simple loops of line + yard + boom.

We are planning to use the boat sailing on the Saint Lawrence towards Nova Scotia. Attached are two photos of the boat on blocks.

Adam Zielinski

SkiffAmerica 20

Last Friday afternoon on the Mississippi. Joyce and Murphy (our dog) are in the cabin.

Photo by Bill Dulin. Both boats overnighted near Hat Island. Full moon that night.

Kilburn Adams


Hey Chuckie!

Am working on a 20 foot tandem version of my yellow kayak. The hull is done and faired and tomorrow I start working on the decks.

Making a homemade rudder for it becuase I'm too cheap to buy one. Still need to figure out control pedals/foot braces.

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Installed the decks this evening, but still have trimming and coamings to do. Then it is on to rudder and hardware and then paint on the hull and varnish on the deck.

I have been taking lots of photos and will have you a write-up when done.



Expedition Mouse

Here are some photos of th efirst completed boat build to my Expedition Mouse design. I'm very chuffed!

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I guess you will want a story?

Gavin Atkin

Aluminum Melt

Hey Chuck, I did my first aluminum melt last weekend. Got some zinc in it and burned out the bottom of the crucible, but got some ingots done. My only real problem is that I was burning too hot. Bronze here I come...

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Here are a couple of pictures of my Tolman Alsaka Skiff.

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I am doing something different no one has done before. I am going to install foam along the gunnel's. Also I got the idea to build a motor mount for a 140 hp out of plywood and carbon cloth. I guess, I like to do things the hard way. What boats have you built? With so many boats on your site, I'm ashamed to say, I don't know which ones are yours.

Thanks, Fletcher

Tuckahoe 10

Hey Chuck,

It took a while, but attached are some photos of my Tuckahoe 10 with her Duckworks sail.

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The sail is dandy, altho you can't tell much with the light wind at the time of the photos.

Regards, Andy