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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

The i550 Sportboat is gaining populairity - here is one of the new blogs.

Speaking of racing sailboats, here is a heart-stopping video taken from the stern of a Capri 25 during a race!

"Why Slider has a Sprit-sloop Rig" - a wonderful essay on rigs for small boats by Ray Alderidge


One of the cheapest, though not the quickest ways to get afloat is to restore an old boat. It has taken me too many years to want to think about but I have now almost finished restoring Mignonne. Now the maintenance jobs are beginning to pile up. But she is worth it....

... There is a great selection of boat building and restoration books on the Off Watch books website. As well as books on selling up to go sailing. 


There is a new issue of Classic Yacht, the online magazine.

It's not in English, but it is a nice video of the launch of one of Michael Storer's Eureka canoes.

For those who would like to see the Alaska and Columbia/Snake River photos - Click Here - and select any of the first 22 folders on my website.

Kilburn Adams

Here is a video promoting the Around in Ten race by Han Van Ardenne

Hi There
Please visit website
This would be an excellent link to put on your page.
Mel - Australia

Hello Chuck,
I wonder if you would considering adding my web site to your links page I design and manufacture small radio control model yacht kits. Mark Steele is writing an article about my products for the 'Where the wind blows' column at duckworks.

Jim Isbell of Corpus Christi sent these links showing photos of some of the boat related devistation from hurricane Ike....

... Jim said:

It doesnt look as bad as I thought it would. Most structures did well
as did most sailboats. The power boats took the real hit.

NOTE: boats that stayed tied did much better and for the most part
escaped damage.....a word to the wise!!!

and Boating

This 1931 edition of a 1911 book is available from the Internet Archive. It is a hoot.

Steve Rice

Last week I took a few days and sailed Slider solo down to Fort McRee
at the tip of Perdido Key, a really great cruising destination not far
from Pensacola and 40-some miles west of our home here in Fort Walton

Ray Alderidge

Came across this tonight, thought Some of you might enjoy. It's a 28
min. "how to"

Brian McCormick
Real near the St. Lawrence

This link to the 2008 festival at St. Michaels has loads of quality photos of very quality boats.  If you have further interest, once there click the up arrow to see more shots by the same guy.


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