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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

I found a link to a site where the guy actually built a "$3.00 Scow" ...

Site requires membership to see some of it but you don't have to join or register to view the page...


If anyone is interested I've posted some medium res scans to my boat project website so you can get a better look at the design.

Just double click the thumbnail plans to see a larger version.

Chris B

John built a Sherpa with the intention of using it on a small water near his home, and joining in with others doing the same in traditional and home built small boats, and the initial reports from him were very positive. Plans Duckworks


Well I have done it. After spending time and money upgrading my garage into a boat shed (insulation, heat, general cleaning) I have begun the actual process of building my boat! Today I cut out the transom. Watch this space...

John Hippe

I have just posted some recent photos of my Topaz Spyder build.

Bruce Hallman

Update of Long Micro construction. Photos of cockpit trim, tiller, and tabernacle (all rose wood)
I think that she is finished!


I've updated Helge's site with entry #40 The Towel Rack.


If you haven't already seen them, there are some marvelous pictures of the MASCF on this thread over at the WoodenBoat site (heavily oriented toward the vintage stuff as might be expected)

Rob Kearney

Thought you might want to see this! It is on my blog I put a link on my blog to your site. hope you don't mind.


Mike has added a great new feature to the Boat Index - a bibliography! Check it out and if you don't see your favorite, drop Mike a line.
I took some pictures of my long row yesterday. You might want to share them in next month's webwatch.

Ted K.

For anyone interested in watching a complete newbie figure out how to build a boat, I've started a blog. Experienced builders won't learn anything, but might get a laugh. :-)

-- John

For your amusement ... you will like the graph of performance improvement - most of which was before hydrofoils.

Michael Storer

Nobody but me has been aboard my cat when we had wind, so I'll share with you what that's like in this short video on YouTube. The first part is from Hite, taken on Thursday (windy!), before anyone got there (excpet Randy, who filmed a bit). The rest is from Prescott last week, again Randy filming from the dock (thanks again Randy).

Martin Adams -

Wouldn't you love a ride on this beauty!

From Dave Lucas, Tampa Bay Boatnuts chapter of TSCA


David Donaldson sent me this link to an article about his Egret, his dog and himself.

Ross Miller

I found this oil/gas ratio calculator


Mark Bowdidge has a good tip on cutting glass cloth on his site 

 Centex Fall Messabout Photos - I think there are some of every boat. 


Hi Chuck

Found a couple of YouTube videos you might be interested in viewing, About Bequia Island Whaleing....

... I could see Bequia from my front porch as a child.

Larry Henry

Here is a video from Kentucky Afield showing a fishing trip with wooden river drift boats...


I posted some photos along with descriptions of the john boat (skiff/sharpie thing) that I recently built and tested out. It took about three months to build from the start of construction. I could have spend another month sanding and trying to make everything perfect but really wanted to see if it floated.



we have been back from Fiji for the last two weeks, busy trying to get reorganized.  The whole Fiji experience was fabulous once again. I've been documenting some of the trip on my blog:

Gary Dierking

Hey Chuck,

I ran across this documentary of traditional pirogue building and thought of you. It was made in '49 they carve it from a solid tree...14 min.long...

It's on this very cool folklore archive online... check it out.

David Beede


we've completed the daily log from out Chesapeake Bay sail.  If you think your readers might be interested they can find them listed on the right side of our blog at.....


Good day Chuck.

I think this is a nice link for duckworks. its about a 18 foot trimaran, homebuilt designed bij Richard Woods.I mijself am going to build one and wil let you enjoy the build with me.but it,l take sometime as yet.greetings.

Hilbert gorte Netherlands

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