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Here is a couple of pics of my latest project. She's 52 inches oa and sails pretty well. B Cuthbert

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Hi Chuck!

Just saw the decking article made it to Duckworks. Awesome! Here are a couple better "After" pictures if you want to add them to the article.

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Now I'm hunting for thos inflatable boat rollers I heard about in the Florida race article in Small Craft Advisor. I've been hunting fruitlessly online. The only places I can find them are in the UK.


Hey folks,

Here is the latest from a guy named Fred in Michigan, who is just about done constructing one of my designs. He is building the Lunada Bay, which is a compact (18') two person sea kayak. He chose to build it with a marine plywood hull and a cedar stripped deck. He'll be finishing it bright with four coats of varnish brought to a high gloss.

Very nice workmanship on his project with a real dedication to meticulous fitting. Should be a real stunning boat when he's done.

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Chris Ostlind

....for those that like to build rowboats there might be a business opportunity here. Think of a rowing version of the TIMS project from Bruce Hector ....and the rowing crew pay for the boat! Like having galley slaves that pay their own way. - submitted by Jack Panter


Just about every backyard builder writes; "I woulda launched this year except . . ." I suppose I'm no different. There has been progress on Pangur Ban this year, however. You can see her current state HERE.

In May I got to spend a day on the water at the Orchard Lake Regatta. A few pictures can be found HERE.

Dale Austin

Hi just a couple pic's of the second boat I built.

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I started out wanting to make an OSS but it seemed too small for Lake Champlain this is what it turned into - Eric Mills


The Arkansas Messabout starts Friday September 22 and runs through Sunday September 24 -- only 5 and half weeks away.

We will have some newly launched boats this year. Larry Pullon wrote me about his new creation:

"It is a 18' cypress stripper tunnel hull trout boat that folds up to 10'. The boat I built last year, Longjon, was the prototype. I decided to cut down to 18' to make the front easier to fold. Looks like I will be able to fold it by myself - which was a major goal! Power is a 2000 Merc 9.9."

I will have my newly finished 18-foot daysailer, if plans do not go awry. It is a stretched, Michalak

Toon2 below the waterline. Above the waterline, it is inspired by Michalak's daysailers. The rig is my rendition of Bolger's standing lug (Rig no.16 from 101 sail rigs). My family will also have our modified June bug and Mill Creek 13.

The pavilion is ours all day Saturday, which will provide cover in case of rain, or too much sun. The evening we will have potluck in the pavilion and will grill a raft of chicken.

Please let me know if you plan to attend, and of course all of us are interested in the boat(s) that you will bring.

I will soon post some specific road directions to the messabout.

Here links to the park:

The state park here is very nice with visitor center/museum and camping facilities for tents to RVs, ramps, shower, and marina. Access highways are very good from scenic Hwy 7 (north/south route) or Interstate 40 (east/west).

Ramp use is free. There is a fine sandy beach that is 50 paces from the pavilion. Boats may pull up on the beach at any time and overnight on the beach.

Weather forecast for planning your wardrobe: average high for Sept 23, 82 (record high 91), average low 56 (record low 42) Sunrise 7:01, Sunset 7:08

Phil Lea
111 Evergreen Estates Dr.
Russellville, AR 72802
479-967-4922 home
479-747-0389 cell

Hi Chuck,

Chris Partridge’s article “Not all Boats in Venice are Gondolas” struck an immediate chord as we also were there recently. It was the first time for me and I fell instantly in love with the place, all that astounding history, architecture, atmosphere, environment, culture - and boats too! Chris doubtless provided you with lots of pictures to choose from so I hope I’m not sending coals to Newcastle by attaching a few more, but I thought you might like the very beautiful varnished mahogany water taxi (yes, it really is a commercial boat). I also couldn’t resist snapping the ambulance tearing down the Grand Canal - a great example of just how this watery city really does depend on water transport.

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Regards - John Lomas, New Zealand

Hi Chuck,

I just thought I'd send an update of the Gary Dierking designed Ulua outrigger canoe I built and have now used a bit for two summers. I've been paddle steering like the Hawaiians, but have yet to get an appropriate paddle.

Dan St Jean

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Just something vaguely nautical that is pleasant to look at; my parents moved out of the house they had lived in for more than 40 years last fall, and one of the things that came to me when they moved was a glass fishing float that my dad's uncle, the Naval officere, brought home from who knows where. The float had been wrapped in hemp netting, but the netting was decayed beyond repair. After a couple of false starts, I finally re-wrapped it in 50 feet of 3/8 brown polyethylene.

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Best wishes,

Paul Haynie

Hi Chuck,

Just a note at this point, but I've drawn-up two, new, decked sailing canoes for real enthusiasts of the sport. The first one has a working name of OZComp (though that will change soon) and is 16' 9" LOA sporting an 80 sq/ ft. mast furled sail area (pictured) It is meant to be sailed as a trimaran, but could also be sailed as a monohull for real enthusiasts.

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The OZComp has the capability for a Mirage drive as well as full paddle stroke without hindrance from the aka beams. This boat has the potential to be a real, solo WaterTribe performer in the right hands. Light, fast and versatile in a wide set of conditions.

The second boat, not quite finished, is a tribute to canoe sailor, Hugh Horton and is appropriately called the Horton. This boat runs 15.5' LOA and sports a sail in the mid 50's for square footage. They both have modern, asymmetric hull shapes with generous rocker and comfortable freeboard for responsive turning and quick paddling in a straight line.

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Both use a rotating leeboard for lateral resistance along with a flip-up rudder. Both are built in 3mm marine ply with full epoxy/glass laminates inside and out. Both boats are built with stripped deck surfaces for a very organic look

I'll have a full article for you when I get the Horton finished.

Chris Ostlind
Lunada Design

Hey Chuck - remember my bass story last year when I fried my poor brain practice fishing for the Ford Big Bass Classic on the Arkansas River?

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I did a little better this year! Over 2,600 entrants in two Super Pools fished in the 3 day event. I finished 8th overall in Super Pool A! The best part was I was fishing in a 14’ John Boat with a 20hp outboard that was in a junk pile three weeks earlier!

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OK here is the “before” (front boat) I already have the boat off the trailer to respray the topside and put it on the market in the next couple of weeks. When I get it back together I will get you an “after” shot - which is what it looked like during the tourney. It just did not occur to me to take a photo on the water - I was working!

Checks - yes prize money - $600 for first place hourly weigh on Saturday 24th and $600 for overall 8th place in Super Pool A (Little Rock, Fort Smith, Pine Bluff). There was also Super Pool B (Dardinell and Dumas) which combined $100,000 overall first place, $25,000 second and then the 2-10 finishers in each Super Pool.

It is the Ford Big Bass Bonanza -

I am already rebuilding the boat for next year! A 16’ fiberglass (above right) I got for $250!

You gotta love this stuff!

Next year, next year.

Larry Pullon

Yesterdays outing on the river. Anchored in 2 1/2 feet of water over a smooth, level, sandy bottom that extends for thousands of yards. A popular spot with almost no current. Joyce liked this spot a lot. The weather was perfect.

The boat still looks new after eight seasons and no painting required.

Kilburn Adams


Hi, My name is Jonathan. I need a cmplete set of Pintle and Goudgeons. How fast could you send this out to Quebec City Canada?

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Her Name is Persévérance. She will be sailing in about two weeks.


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