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Here's a scan of a photo from one sailing PUD-g in one of the local newspapers. I was hoping for the front page, but any coverage counts.

Warren Messer


Here is a picture of a model of my Roar2 "Metallic Voodoo". I'll have the full sized boat in a while..

Steve Chambers

Jeanneau 54DS

Hello Chuck! as a first project for an amateur modelboat builder, I was
wondering if you had any interest in publishing something on my project. Here attached a picture of the actual state of my work. After 3 years and over 800 hours, I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Finishing and painting the roof, cockpit, adding rc control and gear should require and additional 150 hours.

The goal of that model was to build a replica at a 1/16 scale but that would also offer acceptable performance for sailing (not for competition). It is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DS. I do have over one hundred pictures of the different construction steps. Let me know if you are interested and maybe we can work out something for

Best regards

Gilles Brouillette

Whew, what a ride!

This was posted in the electronic version of Latitude 38

Mystery Solved
November 5, 2007 - Marshall Islands

In the August 10 edition of 'Lectronic we wondered about the origins of a 'Mystery Boat' washed up on an outer island of the Marshalls. We received several colorful theories which we ran in November's Loose Lips. They were all wrong.

Just as we were finishing up this edition of 'Lectronic, Sausalito historian Derek Van Loan strolled in with the facts. Van Loan, who's lived and worked in Sausalito since 1967, literally wrote the book on Sausalito's waterfront stories (conveniently titled Sausalito Waterfront Stories, now out of print - any publishers out there?) and recalls Larry 'The Wizard' Greetz vividly.

The 25-ft dory Disko was sailed to the Marquesas by Larry 'The Wizard' Greetz in the early '80s.
Photo Courtesy Moana
© 2007 Latitude 38 Publishing Co., Inc.

"The Wizard may have been crazy, but he was not stupid," Van Loan wrote in his book. "He traded [his 36-ft lifeboat] straight across for Disko, a 25-ft dory sailboat built by Herb Manley." Van Loan goes on to relate his experience in teaching The Wizard to sail Disko in 1979, and that he was vociferous in his goal to sail to the Marquesas.

"There came a day when everyone noticed that they hadn't seen The Wizard in awhile." The commonly held theory was that he had been sent back to the "funny farm." For months, no one knew what became of the wharf rat, then "The Wizard reappeared as suddenly as he had departed. I noticed the white coral scars that covered his body, and his missing ear." Though Greetz was more interested in talking about his new goal of becoming the "champion weightlifter of the world," Van Loan managed to get the story out of him.

Greetz believed "they" were after him so he left Sausalito under the cover of darkness, headed for the Marquesas. "I sailed and I sailed," he told Van Loan. "I ran out of food, so I caught fish. My hooks rusted away and I had no more food. Then a seabird landed on my bow. I ate him, feathers and all. I sailed on. I was a dead man in my coffin. Then one day my boat stopped. I was on a coral reef!"

It seems he'd drifted for five months until he reached the islands he so desperately sought. He was badly cut swimming to shore from the reef and, once there, lived on cockroaches until he was discovered. "The Wizard was then airmailed to Los Angeles and the psych ward became home. It was there that a fellow inmate chewed his ear off."

This just goes to prove that truth really is crazier than fiction.

Submitted by Chris Ostlind

Hello from Minnesota! This is John from the lake pepin messabout with the orange mouseboat Goldfish. I also now have a 2 tone pink 12 foot chugger boat named Think Pink. It has a circle of plywood with the pink panther face woodburned on it mounted on the front as a figurehead. It says think pink in black letters on the back, and there are 3 more woodburnings of the pink panther on it.

click to enlarge

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It has the bunk in it but no table cut out. I like the storage area bigger and also the bunk bigger. I installed plexiglass windows; non opening. It is built according to the plans off the website, no changes. I used Pl adhesive and sheet rock screws and XORUST paint over Kilz drywall primer. No fiberglass anywhere! I am putting up curtains of pink panther cloth from Walmart on all windows and a pink cloth door. I am working on a frame of pvc pipe and gray vinyl for a sun roof.

I installed 2 speakers and a walkman type cd radio in the cabin, not very loud but cheap! There is a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, portable clamp on running lights (not used yet), a net over the storage area from an old car trunk. Two seats in the cockpit sealed up with yellow foam insulation like for a house wall, also most of the bunk area is sealed up with foam under,it should be unsinkable ( better than the titanic!). I am using two red throw cushions for a seat now. I am experimenting to find the best seat material. I have 4 16inch white fenders from walmart not on yet. I have been on 5 lakes so far including a wild ride on Mille Lacs Lake, NEVER AGAIN!

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I am using my father in laws 1969 6 horse evinrude, with a 6 gallon platic tank. I also have a 12 pound mushroom anchor and 50 feet of line, stored in a cat litter box. it fits real snug between the seat and rear transom. The ride is pretty stable even in the waves. With the 6 I can almost get on plane. I don't know how fast it goes but we had 2 larger adults and full gear and still went pretty good. It is very manuverable, turns in it's own space, and doing donuts is fun! I think a 10 horse would be ideal, and that is what I'm aiming for next year. I want to take it on the mississippi and I think I need a little more power! Next summer we try out the camping mode. It is a very cute boat, a head turner, a one of a kind. pink fun boat!!! Bye for now John.


Hi Chuck,

I was sorting though some pictures and found a few of my Trover shortly after the 25hp Yamaha was fitted. I just thought I'd send them along, if you find a use then it's all good, otherwise no harm done. They were taken on lake Wakatipu three at Frankton, New Zealand and one in Queenstown, the red boat in Queenstown bay is NZL14 which takes tourists for sailing trips across the lake.

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Skagit Boats

I wanted to send the beginning restoration article for my Skagit 20 Express. I also wanted to send a history of Skagit so everyone would know how great these old girls really were. I realize that Duckworks is primarily a wood boat DIY world and there may be some here who look at plastic boats as abominations of the waterways. I have felt that way a time or two but quickly realized the fun factor in having a piece of history in my garage. Below are images of my Skagit 20 in the "just rescued" condition. I hope as I go along, others will begin to look closer at these relics of the past and search for one to call their own.

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Just rescued implies the stage of restoration where a guy drags the poor animal home with semi-flat tires, no trailer registration and dodging the police at every intersection. It adds to the excitement of it all. :o)

Mike Russon


I recently sent this pic as proof of stability to a guy who was interested in Pathfinder. All of those three guys are over 220 lbs, and the boat took two more before the rail was down.

John Welsford

Norwalk Island 23


This is photo of a model I built. A Norwalk Island 23.

Kilburn Adams


I didn’t build this boat, but have been maintaining her for 20 years. Evangeline is an L. Francis Herreshoff Rozinante (yawl) though really a ketch. (See It was built by Smith and Rhuland, Lunenburg Nova Scotia in 1967 with Eastern white pine on oak, bronze fastened, Sitka spruce spars. Jo and I sail her out of North Saanich, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada with two Portuguese Water Dogs as crew.

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She’s just a big sweet canoe with 3360 lbs of lead ballast. J

George Kruzynski