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Hey there chuck,

I've been looking over a lot of free boatplans lately and my bookmarks got out of hand, so I decided to put them all online....

.... There's no motor boat plans though :-) The rest of the site might interest Duckworks readers as well.

Cheers, Thomas de Meijer

Storer boats are hitting the water at an astounding rate. Dana launched this Goat Island Skiff....

... and Csaba Mezei built this Eureka Canoe in Hungary.

I just put up a new video-- the first part of my solo cruise in late September....

Ray Alderidge

.... and here is part two....

.... and part three.

Ray Alderidge

I'm getting down to a little design work for the first time in ages.

Gavin Atkin

Hamish will build you a skiff, deliver it to you, (in the UK) and help you launch it. Many options.

I have been communicating with Brent Schermerhorn who has recently completed an Egret that he expanded (in all three dimensions) by 15%. He is a big fellow. Here's a link to Brent's photos.

Ross Miller

Gary Blankenship is helping Noel Davis ( build a Michalak Wooboto for the Everglades Challenge. I am sure Gary will have more to say about this project, but for now, we have this video.

If you still don't think a PDRacer can really sail, here is a clever video from Peter Hyndman that shows just how fast the little boxes are.

Andrew Linn is working hard to set up the course for the upcoming Columbia 150. Here is a short pictorial article documenting one of his several exploration trips.

You might want to take some seasickness pills before you watch this video.

A collection of videos on this page - both construction and sailing of Paradox's.

Here is a great step-by step for tying a turkshead.

Larry Westlake builds and designs some nice rowing dories and other boats.

Bill and Paul Moffitt are organizing a Texas200 type event called the OBX130. It will take place around the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They have set up a website with a forum. If you are at all interested, keep an eye on it for developements....

... Bill's son Sean has begun building a Pickup Squared to sail in the inaugural OBX130 - here is his blog.

Max sent these links for welding your own anchor from John Marples.

Here is the first...

... the second...

... and the third.

The Forest Stewardship Council supports the conservation of forests and helps people lead better lives.

Doing some reading. Found this site. I wonder how this stuff would work on a ply wood boat.. just thought maybe someone may want to read about it.. Blessings, Chief Redelk

This article "The Old Man and the Inland Sea" won Marlin Bree a writing award and a check for $5K. This link takes you to a PDF copy of the article.

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