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Steven Lewis builds Simple Simon Check out David Sunshine's D4
Think you've seen Tom Judd's Whisper? Gregg Onewein once built this housebarge
John Glazy is building another glass bottomed boat More Jonsboat pictures from Donald Graham
Donald Graham is off to a good start on his Jonsboat  Check out Gary Cowan's Montana Elegant Punt
A $12 boat?
Frank Woods
did it
Two Piraguas are completed by Stephen Dandridge
Bob Williams rebuilds his Rob Roy David Beede built a Top'sl Schooner
(model that is)
Rodger Mathews built this
Weekend Skiff
John Capaldi recently completed a Cherry 16
Dirk builds a  Bolger Bobcat Start-to-Close-In.jpg (36719 bytes) Shawn Payment makes progress on Dustspeck
Jimmy Olson makes progress on his D4 Ingmar Ogren built this Trimaran Canoe
Robert DiMaio
paddles his
North Bay XL
Ken Abrahams teaches a Pirogue Class
Ralph Brescia and son bite off a Croc Update on Gavin Atkin's Dory
I finally begin Sandra's lapstrake canoe Errol Flynn starts a Big Flat Rat
Look what J. D. Hunter did with a Navy Utility Boat Stephen Dampier is almost finished with his Tolman Jumbo
More on Gavin's Dory  Sakari Aaltonen launched his V-10
More about Richard Frye's Skin on Frame Boat John Burgh built John Bell's contest winning Blondie
Ed Fox has built several boats Some of John Bell's boats are getting built
Richard Frye is building a Skin on Frame boat Jimmy Havok builds a D4 and a 6Hour Canoe
Shane Moreau is building a fishing skiff  John Blazy created this Glass Bottomed Boat
Dave Squire launches a Rogue at Pauatahanui Inlet  Eric Ashby builds a John Welsford Rifleman
Barry Johnson and crew start a Michalak Jonsboat Joern Knudsen is building Yakoos in Denmark
Richard Frye
builds another
Yakette ....
... and inspires this one by John Zinn
Adam Plourde built a Selway-Fisher Prospector  Wayne Farris finally finished his FL14 champagnespray1.jpg (33808 bytes)
Gavin Atkin makes progress on his Dory design 7sept3.jpg (43024 bytes) Steven Lewis tries out his Scoutcanu Onthewater2.jpg (45023 bytes)
David Telles' brother built one of his designs DSCF0087_small.jpg (5023 bytes)  Stephen Dandridge took his Toto to Salmon Lake  011.jpg (53385 bytes)
Sakari Aaltonen finished his Mixer mixer1.jpg (29849 bytes)  Pat Patteson launches his own design - PK-20  pk1_small.jpg (4261 bytes)
Mike Hillis finishes his Emma emma_3.jpg (34092 bytes) More from the Aldo boys about their skiff onsetbay_i.jpg (13899 bytes)
Errol Flynn builds a Richard Frye Stealth... scrap.jpg (54576 bytes)  ...and paints it up with fancy graphics  stealth2.jpg (21790 bytes)
Sakari just finished this fine Cabin Clam Skiff clamskiff_small.jpg (4216 bytes)  Mike Keers is making progress on his Puffin
Othmar flies an ama
on his new proa
P5-test.jpg (34676 bytes) More on Dennis' Dobbler 16 IMG08.JPG (36246 bytes)
Richard Frye makes a baby Yakoo - a Yakette Horst's Folding Tri makes it's Maiden voyage MVC-511S.JPG (44375 bytes)
Larry Kelly is working on John Thomson's Green Heron  An update on the Aldo boys' skiff aldo_trailer.jpg (37533 bytes)
Pius Fenech built a D-4 and an OSS jul10_05.jpg (27724 bytes)  More on Robert Green's Picnic Boat  
Richard Frye adds to the Yakoo line with a Stealth Moving.jpg (83362 bytes) Check the progress Shawn Payment has made on his Bluejay Restoration
Brad and Debbie Indicott are beginning a Mark V-39 Steven Lewis is working on a bunch of boats
Katriana and Erik are nearing the completion of Seayanika This bunch of crazy Alaskans built a Klondike boat
Mike Connelly is building way too many boats c3.jpg (57411 bytes) Dennis Marshall tackles T F Jones' Dobler 16 pic.jpg (80586 bytes)
Robert is building Jeff Gilbert's Squeezebox Hilco built another of  David Beede's Summer Breezes 
Jon built this Duck / Fishing Boat from his own plans IM002167.jpg (45211 bytes)  More pictures of the Aldo project  duck7_small.jpg (4772 bytes)
Jeff Blunk begins to build Wyoming Mike Hillis builds a 19' semi-dory of his own design 108-0842_IMG.jpg (40310 bytes)
Robert built something completely different puffin28.jpg (59796 bytes) More on Adam Abrego's Campjon
More pictures of Luke's Campjon cjls.jpg (24211 bytes)  Joern Knudsen builds Yakoos in Denmark  Kanjak5.jpg (20448 bytes)
Herschel Finch upgraded his Charldonjes Boat_with_Seat._small.JPG (4127 bytes) Steve Durham is building this Adirondack Guideboat--Stripper 
Ken Duda built this 18 ft Stambaugh Redwing

Maddog got some pictures of Ed Jones' Skipjack

Skipjack_04.jpg (81328 bytes)

George Eggelston builds a Cartopper

Al Burrier is converting a shrimp boat into a Trawler

Steven Lewis is building two of his own designs at once

a Fisher 10


Phil Aldo and crew build a Skiff

duck5.jpg (20665 bytes)

 Andrew Darnley restored this Swampscott Dory

 Dory On Trailer 1.jpg (77289 bytes)

Shawn Payment is restoring a Blue Jay

jay1.jpg (46300 bytes)

Duncan Cameron built this Model Aircraft Carrier

 carrierb.jpg (8782 bytes)

Ken Abrahamson tries out his PocketCat: NCC-1701

pcat2.jpg (55354 bytes)

Larry Pullon reworks his Jetfish

jet3.jpg (28935 bytes)

Steve Miller built Fred Shell's Swifty 12

William Terra built something completely different: Graf Spee

This is Steve Durham's first stripper canoe

Untitled.jpg (48650 bytes)

Richard Frye is building Yakoos

yak1.jpg (44497 bytes)

Dale Austin is building to Chuck Merrell's free Apple Pie plans

 Follow along as we build David Beede's Summer Breeze


David Cumming has done a nice job with Ira Einsteen's Herring Skiff

More Campjon Pictures: this time from Luke Spreadborough

above.jpg (41029 bytes)

Is it time to catch up on Maddog's Albatross project?

 Watch as Tony Liston builds Mike Roberts' Penelope 

Bob Williams takes his IMB for its maiden voyage

imb.jpg (34785 bytes)

Adam Abrego starts his Jim Michalak Campjon

ply.jpg (44989 bytes)

Follow Pippo Bianco's progress on his CK17

 Charlie Whipple's project was to learn about Diesel's